GrabMart Riders Received a SURPRISE so Meaningful with #GrabMartForYourRider

GrabMart Riders

GrabMart Riders have been our frontliners ever since the pandemic starts last year. They’re constantly accepting orders and braving the outside to deliver our essentials in these trying times where we’re not allowed to go outside. They might experience foul franks and hardships along the way, these riders continue their service for the love of their work

GrabMart Riders

As we celebrate Labor Day today, selected GrabMart Riders are given a surprise they didn’t expect. As GrabMart, together with Nestlé, PepsiCo, Robinsons Supermarket, Unilever, Eden, and Bioflu gave special gifts to their riders as a token of love and appreciation.

GrabMart Riders

I was moved to see these riders be vulnerable and smile their hearts out (despite wearing a protective mask) while receiving their big box of gifts filled with food, hygiene, and medicine essentials they can share with their families. Being an emotional one, I can’t help but also feel appreciation and love with these riders for all the efforts they do for GrabMart users.

GrabMart Riders

Witnessing this is indeed gave me hope for the Filipino people. No matter how hard the situations they face, we will still move forward and immerse strongly in the passion of our work and love for our community.

Watch the video here and surely this video will make your day bright and well. Happy Labor Day Loves!

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