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Online games

Online games have been evolving in a way many of us can remember. From simple family game consoles to smartphone mobile games, many people are changing the way they do gaming. But as technology continues to change its ways, so do our children start to transform the way they interact with their games. 

As young as they are, they are now more engage and immerse in what they see on the world wide web. Because of asynchronous learning, kids now have the privilege to have their gadgets and access to the internet where more games and viral graphics are there to either benefit or harm them. But as parents, how do we check the things your children check on the internet? Are we sure about the games they play on the internet?

Finally, we can have a site that will bring back our favorite childhood games and make online gaming safe for our children. There are sites out there that offer free and fun online games which can quickly be played from the browser. And these are the games I find amusing to play with the kids:

Super Frog

Online games

Who doesn’t remember Mario Bros? Ever since childhood, this game has been one of the legendary games every kid wants to play in the ’90s. The Super Frog will give you the feels like you playing Mario Bros but this time you’re character is a frog. It gives you that arcade vibe most people miss about playing game consoles and it will make your kids enjoy getting those apples while defeating every obstacle.

Online games

Fight Virus 

Online games

Want to have a more interactive game that’s relatable to this pandemic season? This simulation game is so helpful for kids to have a better understanding of how to beat the virus around them and be the hero to their community.

Online games

The game is plain simple: remove the virus by clicking each sign and make sure the whole hospital will not be infected entirely by it. This game will make kids more aware of how to take care of themselves and their community. As well as appreciate the medical professionals who risk their lives to beat the sickness caused by viruses. This is very timely especially this COVID-19 pandemic. Your kids will not only enjoy killing viruses but also learn the importance of good health in our hospitals. 

Online games

Make 5 Number Merge Game

If you want to ace your math game, this game is for you. Juggling numbers with this game might look easy, but this will test your mathematical ability to combine numbers and compute as well. 

Online games

The rule of this game is to simply place three blocks with the same number and color next to each other to merge them horizontally, vertically, or both. While playing, you can’t help but use your numerical thinking and engage well in the game, trying to figure out our next move. 

This will surely make you and your kids learn and have fun at the same time. Just don’t let it get in the way of your competitiveness. 

I can go on with the games I like to play online, but this site has 100 games (and upcoming) to make you love playing using your browser. The instructions are easy to understand, and you can choose as many online games you like to play with your kids. The best part, you will find no flashy ads and click baits while you browse the site, which is safe for kids to use. 

If you want your kids to have free games while keeping them protected against any virtual manipulation and harmful graphics, research to better sites, spend time with your children and build good memories with them, one online games at a time.  

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