Easy #AweSMLearning with these must-have gadgets from SM Cyberzone!

SM Cyberzone

Overwhelmed by the new online schooling setup? SM Cyberzone is now turning wise parents into expert in gadgets and all things tech. It will be easier to adapt to distance learning with #LifePowered gadgets that are available at SM Cyberzone’s tech and gadget stores nationwide.

To help you and your kids achieve an #AweSMLearning experience, check these tech essentials out from SM Cyberzone :
SM Cyberzone

High-quality laptops. A personal computer is one of the main tools a student should have for effective distance learning. This all-in-one gadget can be used to join online classes, write essays, make presentations, send e-mails, connect with classmates, among many others. Pro-tip: When buying a laptop, make sure it has the latest processors and enough storage for an optimal learning experience from home. SM Cyberzone has a wide range of stores and brands that will surely meet your needs.

SM Cyberzone

Handy tablets. If you’re looking for a more portable and affordable option than a laptop, a tablet may be for you! It is the perfect gadget for taking down notes during class, storing important documents, and downloading and reading digital textbooks. Students can also easily access online sites and install helpful learning apps on their tablets.

SM Cyberzone

PC set-ups. Consider investing in great PC set-up to get you all geared up for class. You may also want to get yourself modern webcams with HD resolution so that your teachers and classmates can see you clearly.

SM Cyberzone

Headphones and mic. For increased concentration and a comprehensive understanding of the lessons, make sure you are equipped with noise cancelling headphones that also offer crisp and intelligible audio. To effectively participate during online classes, ensure that you also have a clear microphone so your teachers can hear your response clearly. For a little bit of personality, check out different headphones and microphones in fun and colorful designs at SM Cyberzone stores.

SM Cyberzone

WiFi extender. Sharing the WiFi signal with several family members? Avoid the stress and frustration of poor signal with a WiFi extender. With this, you can widen the coverage of the internet so you can use your devices anywhere you want in the house.

To ensure cohesive and effective e-learning, DepEd has identified standard minimum specifications for devices. These include specs on PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even 2-in-1 tablets. Head over to https://www.smcyberzone.com/reviews/deped-minimum-gadget-specs-for-lifepowered-e-learning/ to know more.

Ease your mind and ensure all your tech needs have warranties from reputable brands and shops. Always #CheckCyberzone at the SM mall nearest you or reserve in advance by visiting the Dibs X Deals website, www.smcyberzone.com/promos-events/dibs-x-deals/. For updates and announcements, visit www.smsupermalls.com.

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