Teacher Insights: 3 Things Why SIF should be the Next UBER of Pampering

Teacher Insights: 3 Things Why SIF should be the Next UBER of Pampering

I have to admit. I love to have my pamper and salon days in my own time. But with all the busy happenings and the traffic rush , It’s hard to have a me-time and get glam-up throughout my events and parties. Especially this Christmas season. Going to a nearest salon is already hassle to make time with.


So Luggin Digital Ventures Inc. (LDVI) developed an app that can can make grooming for men and woman more accessible without leaving your home. , SIF is a grooming on-demand and pampering app that sends experienced stylists, barbers, and nail techs at your doorstep with just a few taps on your mobile phone. 

1. Its so EASY to Register

The app is so accessible to register and to use using your mobile smartphone. You can use Facebook to register without compromising your privacy and information. 

2. It Can Cover all your Pampering Needs

SIF can be booked for a quick blowdry before going to an important meeting or event. Christmas rush might be too exhausting to even think about,why not send the barber or the hairstylist right at your doorstep? Torn between finishing a report and leaving the house to get your nails done? Why not, do both? Treat yourself to a mani-pedi while doing your report at home. No parking space? How about no need to park? The salon is on the palm of your hands, with just a few taps, SIF will be on its way.

3. It’s SO Time Saver for People on-the-go

Gone are the days where people would have to waste their precious time on queue at the salon, nor would they be inconvenienced by unavailable barbers, or stylists. Grooming and pampering will never be the same again,thanks to SIF.

While the app is still on beta testing, most barber services are already available for booking within Metro Manila. So it’s time to leave the traditional way of going out for pamper time. Instead, let the SIF app do the trick and get your hair grooming done without leaving your house. 

Visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sifhomeserviceapp/ and download the app on Google Play.

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