8 Bathroom Smart and Effective Tips that Bring Good Feng Shui


Bathroom should be a place where we absorb good vibes and positivity. But did you know that bathrooms can store many negative energies? That’s because it is filled with water, which causes an imbalance in elements.

That’s why having a good Feng Shui in your bathroom can be a good ideal way to bring serenity and positive aura in your well being,

For many years, Feng Shui has grown into popular in several countries outside of China. Feng Shui “風水,” which means “wind” and “water,” involves Qi or Ch’i representing “Life Force.” This resembles positivity and harmony in the environment

To maintain balance in the bathroom, here are eight smart tips to bring good Feng Shui in your bathroom.

Consider the Direction


Bathroom direction is crucial when it comes to Feng Shui. That’s because where your bathroom is located can bring in clean chi. If a bathroom is at the center of the house, it is considered as bad energy. That’s because the center is regarded as the heart of yin and yang.

A bathroom door facing the front door or your kitchen is also considered as bad feng shui.

If you already bought a house with a bathroom in these directions, consider a bathroom renovation. You can also opt for bathroom designs that can help you keep the bad energies away.

Keep it Clutter-free


In feng shui, clutter blocks the flow of air and qi in all rooms. It is also known to be low, unmoving, and confusing that can continuously drain your energy.

Therefore, it is imperative to invest in a storage solution where you can keep your toiletries.

It is common knowledge that fewer items are more comfortable to tidy up. Hence, consider having a minimalist bathroom setup.

You can do this by discarding broken items, outdated stuff, and toiletries that you no longer use.

Keep the Toilet Lid Down


This might be the easiest feng shui tip that you can start today in case you’re not doing it.

The logic behind this is that an open lid drains most of the positive energy inside your home ‒ and not just your bathroom. To keep the positive energy, keep the toilet lid down.

Meanwhile, it would be best to repair or replace broken toilet seats immediately.

Maintain Good Lighting


Nobody wants a dark bathroom. A good feng shui uplifts both natural and artificial light in bathrooms.

In addition, a good bathroom light increases the energy and mood inside the room. Having a well-lit room does not only make your bathroom visually pleasing. It also helps you check your appearance without hassle before you start your day.

A dark room gives bad feng shui because it cultivates too much yin energy. Therefore, increase the light in your bathroom to balance out the yin and yang. Better yet, consider getting a dimmer switch to balance the light and darkness of your bathroom.

Encourage Good Airflow


It is a must to keep your bathroom well ventilated. Airflow is essential inside the bathroom since it tends to be one of the smallest spaces in the house. Moreover, good airflow means good feng shui can freely move in.

If you have an exhaust, fan you should think about maintaining and cleaning it regularly. You can even opt to upgrade it to improve the quality of the air inside your bathroom.

If you are considering doing a bathroom renovation, it is encouraged to add a window to increase the room’s ventilation.

Invest in Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are popular decors that are associated with feng shui.

For one, a well-placed mirror can increase the level of good energy inside the room. It can also add up the light and speeds up the circulation of a good energy level.

There’s a reason why mirrors on bathroom doors are essentials to feng shui. It makes energy emitting from walls and doors disappear. It can also return the energy.

Therefore, it’s encouraged never to face a mirror to the main door.

On the other hand, you can place a mirror at the back of the bathroom door. This is to keep the good energy contained inside the bathroom by reflecting the light.

However, the mirror should never reflect the toilet or a place where a person cannot find its head in the reflection.

Add Wood and Earth Elements


As stated earlier, bathrooms are filled with water elements. Thus, you need to harmonize the energy by adding wood and earth elements. Doing so helps keep everything in perfect balance.

To do that, you can add wood furniture or air-purifying plants in your bathroom. This can help harmonize the bathroom’s energy and add a nice touch when it comes to bathroom design.

Keep a Beautiful Bathroom


It is essential to keep your bathroom clean and beautiful to maintain the good energy inside the room.

To beautify a bathroom, you can start by hanging a beautiful shower curtain or place a colorful bathroom rug. If you can, it would be best to make your bathroom look spa-like.

You can also add some beautiful artworks. Nature artworks like trees, flowers, and landscapes are great to display in the bathroom. That’s because they represent growth and can also balance the excessive water elements in the bathroom.

Another tip is to light some scented candles, so your bathroom will smell nice.

The key to bringing good Feng Shui in your bathroom is simple. All you need to do is balance the water elements and ensure that it’s light, airy, and spacious. That way, you can invite good energy and let it flow freely in your bathroom.

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