Assumption College’s International Exchange Program will Make Study Abroad Possible with no Additional Tuition Fees

Assumption College

Assumption College offers more than college education most of us are familiar with. They’re always aim in enriching opportunities that allow students to go beyond the four walls of a classroom environment and to have the world within reach.

Selecting the right school is a significant decision for both students and parents. Schools play a critical role in shaping a young adult’s personality and worldview. Moreover, a proper learning environment enables young adults to explore and enhance their holistic potential.

Championing transformative education

When choosing a school, various factors need to be taken into account, from programs and opportunities to costs and location. Assumption College makes the decision much easier, with its esteemed reputation for delivering excellent education for each and every student.

Assumption College has two main departments: liberal arts under the Marie Eugenie School for Innovative Learning (MESIL) and business administration and management under Milleret School of Business and Management for Women (MSBMW). The institution’s roster of excellent academic programs range from communication, interior design, psychology and education, to accountancy, business administration, and entrepreneurship..

Assumption College

Championing transformative education, Assumption College is future-proofing students with a fresh approach to learning. Known as Ability-based Learning or “ABLe”, this student-centered method of education puts an emphasis on developing Prime Life Abilities centered on Assumption College’s Core Values, preparing students to face the real world.

On top of high-quality academic programs, Assumption College also boasts an accessible international student exchange program that opens up the world to its students.

An accessible student exchange program

An international exchange program can be a life-changing experience for students, but factors like high costs can deter them from pursuing such programs. Assumption College’s International Student Exchange Program addresses this concern. With the program, students do not need to pay additional tuition fees at their chosen overseas partner institution. This gives more students the opportunity to study abroad for a semester, allowing them to:

  • Immerse themselves in a brand new culture and meet new people from all walks of life
  • Take the opportunity to learn a new language
  • Experience different styles of learning under the guidance of various esteemed educators; and
  • Widen their employment opportunities on a global scale.

As such, Assumption College students are able to grow independent, confident, and capable of taking on life’s challenges, preparing them to find success in their endeavors both in the local and global scale.

Assumption College has partnered with reputable institutions around the world, such as Monroe College in New York, Assumption University in Massachusetts, Hiroshima University in Japan, Kobe College in Japan, Reactor School in Singapore, and Universitas Kristen Indonesia in Jakarta, as well as other institutions in the UK, Australia, and South Korea.

Students who have participated in the international student exchange program can testify to how much the program has helped them change in better ways.

“I was able to grow into the woman of faith, community, and action through the help of the Assumption education and family,” shared Alexandra Victoria Adriano Boccone, who took part in Assumption College’s student exchange program to Assumption University, Worcester, Massachusetts.

“It was an eye-opening experience where I realized that we live in a big world with a lot of opportunities to grow and world,” said Clarisse Ambray, who went to Kobe College under the same student exchange program. “If I’m allowed to enroll again, I’d do it. That’s how much I loved the experience.”

“It’s one of the highlights of my college years,” Bea Marbella, who also attended Kobe College for a semester. “Words can’t express how grateful I am that I joined this program. It’s really fun and I hope you guys get to experience what I did as well.”

Begin your international studies journey now with Assumption College

It’s time to broaden your horizons and step out into the world. Enroll in Assumption College and get ready to study abroad without paying additional tuition fees to your chosen overseas institution. Application for School Year 2023–2024 is currently ongoing, so don’t miss this chance! Sign up now through this registration form: bit.ly/AssumptionCollegeRegistrationForm.

Assumption College

For more information, visit the Virtual Admissions Hub or contact the College Admissions Office through email at admissions@assumption.edu.ph or mobile at +63 927 966 2341 or +63 926 728 0980.

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