BioScience 24k Bio-Gold Range Best Beauty Finds on Shopee

BioScience 24k Bio-Gold Range

BioScience 24k Bio-Gold Range is here to give your skin super love before bedtime, feeling like a million bucks. And yes! It includes real 24k GOLD FLAKES.

See the visible difference in your skin texture within 7 days and you can use it as daily as a skincare essential.

BioScience 24k Bio-Gold Range

I just love the glow bio-gold range has brought to my skin, bringing that radiant glow. The benefits don’t stop there:

Bio-Science Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser (Face Wash) for Age-Defy & Radiant Glow 100g

BioScience 24k Bio-Gold Range

The facial wash is indeed suitable for sensitive skin. It is gentle on my skin and it doesn’t leave a tight feeling after wash. It also has 24K REAL GOLD as an anti-oxidant to prevent aging.

Bio-Science Bio-Gold Gold Essence Water for Age-Defy & Radiant Glow 30ml

BioScience 24k Bio-Gold Range

The bio-gold gold water does wonder to my skin. I just love the feel of the luxury of real gold, absorbed into your skin. It also acts as serum and toner, making it so convenient to use. The best part: you will notice the glow in your skin the very next day.

The water also infused with Japanese Rose Extract Ejitsu for intensive moisturizing and nourishment benefits. This will prevent skin against wrinkles and fine lines.

Bio-Science Bio-Gold Moisturizing Night Cream for Age Defy & Radiant Glow 40g

BioScience 24k Bio-Gold Range

The night cream is something I recommend using before bedtime. The formulation is water-based and not heavy on my skin. It is lightweight and easy to absorb, it will work wonders on your skin overnight for that next day glow.

BioScience 24k Bio-Gold Range

Now it’s time to give more love and glam to your skincare in amidst of this pandemic stress. Visit @bioscience.ph at @shopee.ph from February 22- 28th to avail of grand launch discounts up to 55% and get a free vanity kit per transaction. Give yourself more golden love with BioScience 24k Bio-Gold Range.

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