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Bobbie Cosmetics

Bobbie Cosmetics is here to give us selfie tips that will make our beauty pop and well seen for the social media world to see. For selfies — whether shared or kept private — have been linked to stronger, more tenacious moods.

Experts say that taking photos of oneself can help make them feel comfortable in their own skin, which then leads to the improvement of their overall frame of mind.

Although selfies are somehow seen as an expression of vanity, studies show that snapping a photo or two could potentially boost your self-esteem. Of course, this type of confidence does not mean that validation should come from external influences. But sharing photos on social media and getting positive feedback from your trusted community can be a powerful instrument to reaffirm the self-worth that already exists within you.

Master the art of tilting

Look up to the camera or slightly turn your phone sideways. Then, think of something that cheers you up to put a genuine smile on your face. This can help capture a flash of happiness that will shine through your photo. You can also take this opportunity to show your contouring flair with the Bobbie Cosmetics Gleam Squad Contour & Strobe (P399) to add a better definition and highlight your best assets.

Bobbie Cosmetics

Practice your ‘smize’

By this time, you have probably heard about the term ‘smize’ — which basically means “to smile with your eyes”. Copping the perfect selfie means nailing it all, from the smile on your face to the powerful expression in your eyes. And with the advent of face masks, communicating with your eyes goes a long way, too! To help you capture your perfect smize, you can use light makeup by applying the Bobbie Cosmetics StylEYES (P75) and get dolled up to give a sophisticated glare. Feeling a little extra? You can also give more life to your stare by putting on the Bobbie Cosmetics Diva Lashes (P100)!

Bobbie Cosmetics

Give it a good lighting

Whether you are shooting outdoors or inside, make sure that there is enough light. This is one of the biggest factors that will determine how one looks in photos. You can do it facing a big window when indoors, or under the shade of a tree when outdoors. To capture a more glowing look, you can add a subtle sheen by using the buildable and easy-to-blend Bobbie Cosmetics Glow Obsession Liquid Illuminator (P299). They say the golden hour gives off the best lighting, too. These are the moments just before sunrise and right after sunset.

Bobbie Cosmetics

Pick a good background

A tree, a white wall, a bathroom mirror, you name it. It doesn’t need to be a full-scale set design, but it helps to have a background that matches your selfie mood.

Wear your favorite makeup

Bobbie Cosmetics

What’s a better way to have a more creative take with your selfie than exploring your best angles with your favorite beauty products? Choose a feature you’d like to highlight and make a statement! The Bobbie Cosmetics Pucker Up Duo Lipstick & Lip Tint Bundle (P165) is a combination of two versatile beauty staples that brightens up any look. Released in three shades — Cherry & Bomb, Love n’ Lilac, and Diva & Glam — this new duo from Bobbie Cosmetics can give the perfect wash of color that can make one glow naturally as they shoot their selfies. Being confident barefaced has its merits, too.

Caring for the skin is important to help banish breakouts. This is why many beauty gurus swear by the method of double cleansing. Just before washing your face with a cleanser, removing makeup using the Bobbie Cosmetics Bare With Me All-In-1 Micellar Cleansing Water (P99) can up your beauty regimen. This gentle solution will help remove the build-up of oil, dirt, and cosmetic products residue which can clog pores and cause acne and breakouts.

By double cleansing on a day-to-day basis, people can improve their skin complexion and up their selfie game as they exude the confidence that flows from within.

Looking forward to capturing your best selfies? Share them online and tag @bobbiecosmetics on Instagram!

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