Business Card: How to make your own Effective Card?

Business Card

Business Card is one of the essential tool every business people and corporate team needs to meet new people and get new clients to partner with you. As time evolves, even content creators and aspirant CEOs are also making their own business card to get prospects and clients.

When creating your own business or a brand for yourself – it is important that you consider a business card. Whether you bake cakes, offer your marketing services, or paint watercolours – a business card can be a helpful commodity to have and one that is useful to you. 

Business Card

Today we want to talk about some of the simple tips you can use today to create a great business card for yourself or your business to market your brand and get more sales. 

Consider color 

Color is such an important thing to consider when creating a brand for yourself this year. It is crucial that as a small business owner or an entrepreneur that you are able to convey the right tone to your audience simply by visuals. For example – blues and greys are often associated with straight laced business whereas purple and pink are often associated with media and creativity. Make sure to use color theory to your advantage when creating a business card and choose the right ones to put across the ideas you want to share to your audience. 

Use easy to read font 

Fonts are important when it comes to a business card and you want to reach as many people as you can. Cursive text, although attractive, can be difficult for some people to read and as a result you could be alienating a whole section of your customer based. Choose a simple and clean font such as Siffon or Montserrat and you will always be safe. 

Create a fun logo 

Logos can be the most stressful and the most fun aspect of branding yourself and creating a business card. When sending out a business card a logo is important so that your customers always know it is you and can recognise you from different materials. Creating a logo can be fun and you can use a site like Canva to create some really simple ones using templates on the site. Have fun with your logo and make sure to create a few colour variations that you can use on different copy and tools. 

Find a printing company 

Now is the time to find a good printing company for your business card that doesn’t cost too much but will give you great quality. When choosing printing options you can choose from matte or gloss, and you can have embellishments or engravings on the cards too. Metallic embellishments are costly however they bring a sense of professionalism to your brand. 

Or go virtual 

If you don’t want to print your card or your business is based online – a virtual business card might be the best way to go. You can still create something that shows off your branding and your contact details and this might be a better option for those in the online arena. 

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