Colgate Launches The Slimsoft Advanced Toothbrush Uplifting Collection, Empowering Self-Confidence


Colgate has been committed to celebrating one’s individuality and self-expression. For all of us need it, right? With the popularity of social media apps and seeing people expressing themselves with these apps, it’s easy to see things on the outside. But what’s underneath, do we see it? Nowadays, most people admire what they see on social media. But they’re not owning the same confidence as these influencers do. 


That’s why Colgate is now giving this special spice to their toothbrushes that spark color and empowerment to our generation. Their Slimsoft Advanced Toothbrush is now launching their Uplifting Collection, consists of different colorful toothbrush designs. This aims to inspire the youth to have optimism, celebrate individuality, and bold self-expression.


The packaging of these toothbrushes consists of different designs and motivational phrases which you can give as a gift to your loved ones: 

They also releases different activities that can help empower you to be confident and own your individuality: 

  • Colgate Uplifting Collection Personality Quiz can be found on the Colgate-Palmolive store on Shopee so you can find out which brush best fits their personality. 
  • You can use the exclusive Uplifting Collection’s filter on Instagram and express your true colors to your social media apps. 

It’s now time to celebrate being you and go express yourself. The Uplifting Collection is EXCLUSIVELY available on Shopee and as you buy the collection, you will receive a gift. Download the Shopee app on Google Play or Apple Store and make the most out of the deals and perks Colgate has to offer. #BrushYourWay towards self-confidence and celebrate your bold personality! 

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