Cuddle? Here are the Best Interests on Tinder Explore to Score Snuggles this Cuddle Weather According to Pinoy Daters


Cuddle moments are indeed good for rainy days, as summer is to beach trips. A cup of hot choco, coffee or tea and a fuzzy sweater may be good for keeping one warm, but nothing beats a good ol’ snuggle. 

The early entry of the cuddle weather across the Philippines prompted many to air out  their dread for countless days of nonstop and unpredictable rains. And as expected, Pinoy daters were swift to resort to social media to express their whimsical dismay for possibly another year of a cuddle-less rainy season. Because in a true Pinoy spirit,  the young guns are never one to shy from getting their daily dose of kilig. As they say, ulan lang yan, lalandi tayo (It’s just a rain, we are going to flirt).

Recognizing this trend of rain and romance among Pinoy daters, Tinder spoke to Pinoy Gen Zs to find out what they think the best Interests are, to score a cuddle this rainy season. Tinder’s latest add to rev up dating among young adults is its Tinder Explore section (accessible through this icon), that houses a number of Interests, also known as Passions, or categories based on different users’ interests. Interests include Gamers, Entrepreneurs and Brunch Time, all of which serve as easy conversation starters that also present members with a stack of potential matches with the same interests.

Here are the top seven Tinder Interests Pinoy daters say are proven to get them through the cuddle weather.

Binge Watchers


The rainy season is the best time to experience what’s perhaps the most picture perfect cuddle weather moment in the history of rom coms and dramas: cuddling while binge-watching your favorite film for the nth time. Remember those films or series you’ve been promising yourself to watch when you got the time to? Perhaps they’re not destined to be watched alone. And most probably, this is the universe’s way of telling you to hop onto Tinder because your match is a certified Binge Watcher.

And if romance is not what you’re looking for, this tribe is home to film buffs who may be willing to meet up as a group for an epic movie party at your place – or, a watch party via zoom! Cuddle weather, after all, is not just about snuggling.



Perhaps it’s time to bid goodbye to a mundane, solitary, late night snack escapade. Food as a conversation starter is a sure way to score a match this season. Beyond snuggles, a video call with foodies can make your late night craving preparation more exciting, and a conversation over a slice of pizza or whatever titbits you’ve both decided to prepare together virtually sounds like a perfect GTKY experience. 

And if they’re down for it, a rainy day food spree at the nearest food bazaar sounds promising. Not to mention a quick food trip on a rainy night with lomi sa kanto served hot or high-end ramen in BGC is an absolute cuddle weather win!



They say creativity and insomnia are the perfect yin and yang. And in cuddle weather, creative geniuses have a mind that never sleeps. What better way to indulge and tame one’s restless creativity in the wee hours of the night than by talking to another creative mind?

Easily  the home to thespians and countless 21st century Da Vinci, this circle has a score of potential matches who can send you to another realm through riveting conversations. From exchanging insights on the world’s greatest masterpieces and differing musical tastes to sharing hard-labored artistic outputs and creative backstories, this kind of conversation proves that smart is indeed the new sexy. And if you’re up for it (especially for the musically inclined creatives), an impromptu virtual music jam or producing new music together sounds perfect for a cuddle weather night.

Needless to say, flirt creatively.


  • You: cuddle weather = lazy day. 
  • Sporty: You can’t sit with us.

No. Rainy days can’t make this tribe idle the day away. Heavy rains may postpone practices, but sports enthusiasts will always talk about sports. This is the perfect time to invite someone over to watch the NBA Finals or VNL together.

Obviously, scoring a match with a fitness enthusiast can easily earn you a virtual at-home workout buddy or a coach if you’re lucky. And if the odds are in your favor, your match may just push you to brave the rain and workout together. Sharing workout protips is also another great conversation starter. This is the perfect time to slide into their inbox and say, “drop your workout routine, bro!” And as they say, a good workout deserves a warm cuddle.

Animal Lovers


Need we not remind you that a selfie with your fur baby may just be the best swipe bait to score a match this season. And what better way to start a conversation than by sharing paw-rent stories?

In addition to sharing paw-renting advice, you and your fur-baby may just score an indoor paw-date.



There’s no denying that playing mobile games is the quintessential way to form new friendships. Even better, it may just be the perfect opening to scoring a cuddle this season. So yes, leave that ML ID in your Tinder bio and slide into someone’s inbox with “pabuhat sa ML” to hit it off. 

While these games can be played together virtually (thank you, internet!) playing them together while snuggling on the couch or bed with a variety of snacks cannot be underrated. And how about the loser will cook as a challenge to  spice up the experience? 



Cuddle weather is not just about snuggling up with that special someone. It can also be about finally getting that much needed rest and relaxation. And what better way to indulge in self-care than with someone who values the same? Seize the opportunity and start a conversation with the famous line from a meme, “Drop your skincare routine!”

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