Family Travel in Safety and Fun Ways Using these Tips from Malayan

Family Travel

Family Travel might still be an concern for you. But if itching to go on a family vacation but still wary of mingling with crowds? Don’t worry. You can still take that much-needed holiday without overexposing yourself and your loved ones with the help of the right planning and itinerary. Here’s a compilation of off the beaten path travel ideas that could satisfy your wanderlust. 

Take to the outdoors

One of the easiest ways to shrug off a two-year long cabin fever is to literally take to the outdoors. Let the kids stretch their muscles and experience nature in full bloom by taking them on easy hikes. Beginner mountain trails on Mt. Oro in Rizal, Mt. Tayawan in Benguet, or Mt. Samat in Bataan can be trekked by children from one to three hours, depending on their age, weather and trail. Hikes not only teach kids to care for the environment, it also helps them achieve a sense of accomplishment. 

Better by a camp fire 

If you’re not quite ready to go on a trek, try camping instead. There are various campsites that are open to daytrip and overnight accommodations. More often than not, these camping grounds also have access to natural resources like lakes, rivers, hiking trails or a breathtaking view. Don’t have camping gear? Not a problem! Some sites also offer tent, cookware, boat, sports gear, or sleeping bag rental. 

Sleep under the stars in style

Another option to this of course, is glamping or glamorous camping. Glamping sites have either decked out tents complete with beds, electric fans or air conditioning, while some offer tiny cottages or container van cabins. To create a nature-inspired ambiance, some glamping sites also have pools, lagoons or view decks. 

Your own private paradise

If you’re looking for a more secluded location that will guarantee your family some privacy, considering renting a private villa near a lake or beach, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, a private island. There numerous beachfront properties for rent in Batangas, Zambales and other parts of the country. While there are several private islands in Laguna, Palawan, and Occidental Mindoro that accept short-term stays. Having a place all to yourself not only limits your exposure to the virus, it also encourages more bonding time with the family. 

Family Travel

Cross-country road trip

Got time on your hands? Plan a road trip across the country. Through the use of roll-on roll-off (RORO) transport access you can practically drive on and off one province to the next. You can also opt to stay close to your home base. If you’re based in Manila for example, you can plan a trip a two-day trip to the north or a drive to southern tip of Luzon. Make the trip more interesting and educational to young ones by incorporating stops at historical sites. You may also book experiential or cultural tours at each province where kids can learn either a handicraft, local dish, or cultural activity. 

Whatever travel option you choose, always follow the health protocols to the letter. You might also want to consider getting travel insurance to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from any travel emergency. Malayan Insurance Co. Inc.’s Travel Master provides a financial safety net in case you or your family gets COVID-19 or figures in an accident during the trip. For a safer travel experience, visit www.malayan.com.

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