FamilyMart Offers Awesome Imported Wines, Spirits and Beers


FamilyMart is leveling up the Filipino drinking experience with their extensive line of wines, spirits and beers which now includes Japanese alcohol brands and flavors this year.

Looks like convenience stores are becoming a choice destination for wine connoisseurs and beer enthusiasts who are on the lookout for unique drink offerings. Whether you are craving for a local or imported beverage, look no further as FamilyMart Philippines has got you covered.

According to FamilyMart General Manager Celina Matias, offering a wide selection of alcoholic drinks is part of their mission to bring high-quality food offerings to their customers in an easy-to-shop environment.

“We want customers to be able to experience new types of food and drinks that they normally would not get to try unless they travelled abroad,” says Matias. “With our range of local and imported alcoholic brands, we want our FamilyMart stores to become the go-to destination for drink enthusiasts who are hoping to unwind with a new choice of beer or are simply looking for a good quality wine to gift.”

The store’s latest offering includes a line of drinks from Suntory, a popular brand of Japanese alcoholic beverages. This includes Strong Zero Beer, a Japanese chu-hi, which is a shochu—a traditional Japanese liquor made from barley or grains—mixed with carbonated water and different flavors. Also being offered under the Suntory line is Haroyoi, a well-loved chu-hi beverage known for its sweet peach and pear flavors and vibrant colored cans.


Meanwhile, Lemon-dou, another chu-hi drink from Japan is also part of the lineup. This drink is made from crushed lemons and brewed with alcohol—resulting to a bold and refreshing lemon drink.

The popular Japanese drinks and imported wine and spirit selections are now available in FamilyMart’s largest store located at the ground floor of Udenna Tower in Bonifacio Global City.

Matias adds that the items are also available for purchase through the GrabMart app. “Whether it’s to have a drink by yourself to ease up a tiring day or to share with friends or family at home, we want our customers to know and feel that they have easy access to a variety of drinking options that are fit for any occasion.”

Enjoy these satisfying drinks with other favorite Japanese goodies also available across FamilyMart stores in the Philippines.

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