My Favorite and Powerful Podcasts I Listen During Quarantine


Hello Loves! I’m here to share with you one of the favorite things I love to during work time: Listening to Podcasts. A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. So It’s like audible learning tools or radio shows in high-definition. 

So for years of my adulting life, I have been listening to podcasts, preaching, and many speaking engagements to enhance my communication skills, correct my flaws, and empower me in times of trial and weakness. And with all the things happening to our society, listening to podcast keeps me sane and empowered to do what I have to do during the day. Especially during this season of Quarantine.

As talkative as I am, I need people, from all walks of life and from different professions to speak life, wisdom, and power to me as I walk in this jungle. So here are some of my favorite podcasts I listened to my daily grind: 

TED Talks Daily 

My Favorite and Powerful  Podcasts I Listen During Quarantine

If you want to find some space in your day to change your perspectives, ignite your curiosity, and learn something new, this podcast is your mind-feeding. (That quote is from their podcast.)

So we all know TED talks from YouTube where they gather the best speakers around the world, from different walks of life, young and old, from scientists to high school students. They put up an event where these people can discuss everything under the sun, hopefully, can spark ideas, motivate, and empower people who need it.

So if you want to have a fresh perspective about healthcare, social inequality, love life, and even science facts, the TED Talks podcast has it all. And for the record, TED talks have the most incredible seminar talks of all. All one of it is Where Bill Gates “PREDICTED” the possible effect of health pandemic to the world, now we called the “COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Boiling Waters PH

My Favorite and Powerful  Podcasts I Listen During Quarantine

At first, I’m not aware who is the admin and the speakers to this podcast. But for some time, I tend to call them “Brandon” (for that is the name they used every time they send me newsletters).

For young-professional Christians out there, we all know Boiling Waters through their Facebook and Instagram accounts, then venturing to a podcast channel. And if you are looking for comic-humor tips about dating, singlehood, relationships, and adulting, this is your podcast.

Though most of the episodes are primarily about “LEVEL UP NINJAS, ITS TIME TO WARRIOR YOU UP,” you will also learn about Christian manhood/womanhood that’s relevant to real-life scenarios like “what if you get ghosted,” “Famous breakup lines” and more.

So for those “Pokmarus” and Ninja who wants to change their dating lives for good, Let Boiling Waters Podcasts slap you real hard truths, with love. And take note, this is for EVERYONE. 

Nas Talks 

My Favorite and Powerful  Podcasts I Listen During Quarantine

Nas Talks originally came from the famous 1-minute videos of Nas Daily. After successfully traveling around the world, share tons of insights, inspirations, and infotainment by his Facebook page, Nas is launching a podcast that will speak more topics that matters to him. And this time, it’s not just only for one minute.

He discusses many topics: 

  • The ups and downs of creating content on social media (why click baits videos are more famous than relevant and powerful contents), 
  • Positive and negative effects of social media (the controversial podcast with Wil Dasovich), 
  • and the MORE controversial love story of his girlfriend, Alyne (Dear Alyne).

The Dave Ramsey Show by Dave Ramsey 

My Favorite and Powerful  Podcasts I Listen During Quarantine

Want to learn how to handle your finances and get out of debt for life? This podcast is your ultimate guide for your financial success. Dave Ramsey is known to his famous book “The Total Money Makeover,” and as a personal money-management expert and extremely radio show host, he constantly launches different episodes in his podcast about how to handle your finances, how to manage your loans, and even how to get out of debt for good.

I love how he advocates for financial freedom in a very brave and practical way. And his principle about “Debt is Dumb, Cash is King” helped me get rid of my unnecessary debts, making me DEBT FREE. So if you want to be financially independent especially this pandemic, this podcast is for the books. 

These Drunken Midnights by SlickMaster

My Favorite and Powerful  Podcasts I Listen During Quarantine

If you are looking for more chill and relevant topics to listen during night time, SlickMaster is here to talk and have a chill time with you, one beer at a time. I’m not sure if he is always drinking alcohol during his podcasts. Anyway, as a music and tech blogger (and a blogger friend), SlickMaster launched his podcast to talk about anything under the “moon” (as he said) from sitcom wars, politics, and more. I still don’t know what he is up to, but I know that when he launches something, it’s going to be good. 

And for endorsement purposes, I actually a guest in one of his podcasts, talking about my favorite sitcom. Better check it out and enjoy listening to our crazy tactics.

Anything Goes with Joe and Carla by Joseph and Carla Bonifacio

My Favorite and Powerful  Podcasts I Listen During Quarantine

This is one of the most relevant podcasts I’d been listening to the moment they launched a few months ago. As so you know, former Actress, author, and full-time mom Rica Peralejo (we also called her Mrs. Carla Bonifacio) and her husband Joseph Bonifacio has been into Campus Ministry. They aim to empower students to “Change the Campus, Change the World.” In this podcast, they decide to show their personal sides and share about a bunch of topics that interest them. 

They talk about anything and everything from K-dramas to not-so Nerdy stuff. Also, they don’t shy away from important topics that are very relevant to our society like calling, relationships, marriage, and what’s going on with this COVID-19 pandemic. 

So if you’re looking for a better and empowering podcast, check the couple’s podcast. It will worth your time. 

Godly Dating 101 by Tovares and Safa Grey

My Favorite and Powerful  Podcasts I Listen During Quarantine

For Christians out there who want to do dating and singlehood in a godly way, this podcast is for you. This is a struggle because this couple can really rip your heart out with some ugly truths about sin and lead you to the truth, which is the Word of God. So if you’re overly sensitive, better prepare your hearts for this podcast.

Well, more than just conviction and truth, they will also encourage you how to live a godly life. In how you should handle relationships and honor God in all of your actions, thoughts, and even the way we speak. They are also no holds barred to talk about sin, sex, and immorality in society, especially related to the body of Christ. So if you want to be renewed and change for the better, better keep this podcast in your Spotify and Apple Podcast. 

Your Move with Andy Stanley by Andy Stanley


Andy Stanley might be a usual American pastor, but the way he preaches is very practical and insightful. His podcast is filled with his weekly preaching about God’s Word and he explains it in a way even non-believers can understand. Their motto “Make better decisions and live with fewer regrets” is the purpose of this podcast. 

He talks about many wise insights about dating, financial management, contentment, and life in general, all backed up with the Scriptures. So if you want to move forward in life, just listen and be empowered. 

Adulting with Joyce Pring by Joyce Pring


Her podcast is revolutionary! At first, I was not aware of her and her podcast until I start listening to it. It was optimistic, full of hope, and very insightful, anything you need as you venture into adulthood and more. 

Other than her beautiful voice and personality, every episode is filled with many points about relationships, career paths, social issues, and more. Every episode is so loaded, you will learn so much from her. So ladies (and gentlemen), if you are looking for a mentor that will help you make the most of your adult life, Joyce Pring is your girl!

So here you go, now is the time to listen to the right voices, and I hope as you listen to these podcasts, it will educate, uplift, and empower you to be the person you are called to be. If you know some podcasts that you can recommend, just comment down below and let me know what you think about this video. 

In this pandemic, let’s work on ourselves so we can spread love and empowerment to others!

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