Financial Literacy Made More Relevant and Effective for Today’s Youth with Prudence Foundation and JA Philippines’ Cha-Ching Program

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy for children is quite challenging in this Gen-Z era. Especially when the trends and popularity haze on social media keeps on making our kids spend more than save for the future. It occur to us that most kids are prone to buy what’s cool and attractive on social media apps. And as much as internet of things are taking over our lifestyle, we have to find more ways to make sure our kids learn how to utilize money in a more fun and meaningful way.

Financial Literacy

That’s why Prudence Foundation, in partnership with JA Philippines once again address this matter as relaunch of its financial literacy education program that aims to reshape the future of young kids. “One Student to a Million: Cha-Ching Shaping a Financially Literate Generation” aim is to empower our youth live financially-healthy lives through their well-made curriculum and financial literacy program.

Celebrating Cha-Ching Milestones

Financial Literacy

I used to know Cha-Ching as one of the cartoon shows in Cartoon Network. But Prudence Foundation with JA Asia Pacific and JA Philippines actually introduced the Cha-Ching curriculum to students wayback 2016. Cha-Ching was co-funded by Prudence Foundation and Pru Life UK in the Philippines. As these organisations continue to expand, it remains committed to extending its outreach by introducing additional initiatives within the Cha-Ching curriculum aimed at educating students on financial principles and financial matters.

As the program progress through the years, Cha-Ching became a hit and grade 4 students from different public and private schools has been using their curriculum. At such a young age, students are now exposed to matters involving money and finances and different investment modules. As the majority of key decisions in our daily lives involve money, Cha-Ching gives students the freedom and confidence to know and learn more about organising their finances, no matter how big or small.

Financial Literacy

Today, Cha-Ching is hailed as the most renowned financial literacy program for youth in the Philippines as it also received the Silver Asia-Pacific Stevie® Award in the Innovation in Community Relations or Public Service Communications Category in 2021 and the Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards in 2022.

This year, the renewed Cha-Ching program sets an ambitious goal: to reach l 1,000,000 students and 28,000 teachers nationwide. This goal reinforces Prudence Foundation, Pru Life UK, JA Asia Pacific and JA Philippines’s commitment to becoming trailblazers in financial literacy education for the youth.

“Together with Prudence Foundation, I am very excited that the Philippines will be the first country where the Cha-Ching Curriculum will have reached 1 million students by the school year 2023-2024. Truly, an amazing achievement reflecting our purpose as partners for every life, and protectors for every future,” shared Eng Teng Wong, President and CEO of Pru Life UK.

Getting to Know Cha-Ching Curriculum

Last year, Prudence Foundation successfully launched their one of a kind financial literacy online game, Cha-Ching Money Adventures (CCMA), globally. CCMA is an interactive online game and a dynamic learning platform designed to equip students and teachers alike with vital money management skills while making learning an enjoyable experience.

Aside from the interactive gaming design and interface, CCMA also reaches out to the typical student by playing through 4 different distinctive modules: “Hometown” for Earn, “Mallsville” for Save, “Las Races” for Spend and “Rockability Rivers” for Donate. These modules engage students in the fundamental Cha-Ching concepts: Earn, Save, Spend, Donate, all while earning points, learning, and having fun.

Financial Literacy

Making a Difference through Cha-Ching

Through curriculum integration and CCMA, Cha-Ching continues to revolutionise financial education, making it enjoyable, comprehensive, and accessible. It fosters a positive attitude toward money, empowering students to make sound financial decisions for a brighter future.

“Teaching kids financial literacy at an early age is not just important; it’s absolutely vital. It’s like giving them a compass for life, giving them proper reference as they navigate real life. By instilling these skills early, we anchor them with the knowledge needed to navigate the complex financial world confidently,” said Jed Velarde, Stock Market Investment Advocate and the Head of Partnerships at COL Financial Group, Inc., during the launch event.

Financial Literacy

Cha-Ching continues to change the narrative that only adults can handle money and shifts it to the belief that students can also make financially sound decisions for today and the years to come.

For more updates about Cha-Ching, you can visit their website at www.prudencefoundation.com and JA Philippines Facebook Page.

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