Geeky and Techie: Behold, The NEW OPPO F7 IS NOW COMING TO TOWN!

Let’s be honest, I love taking pictures of myself and my surroundings. From different selfies and food/street/candit shots I post in my instagram account, I want to make sure that it’s polish and clear in every details. Because if I don’t, bad comments,  body shaming and social media trolls might come to devour my post and my personality.

Just like any famous social media influences and actors/actresses in the metro, I used to received harsh comments from other people in social media (even in this present time). They will comment about how bad my picture was, my body appearance, and even my grammar structure. But with my 4 years experience in the blogging industry,  I’m thankful that I continuously learn how to respond well and to be responsible in what I say in social media.  


And with that, OPPO has been as good advocate in promoting the #CapturingTheRealYou principle to all people.

What’s the connection? The real deal of my intro is this: OPPO, the top-leading selfie camera phone in the Philippines has FINALLY LAUNCH a new smartphone that will set the standards higher to their previous top-selling smart phones. A new smartphone that listens well to the voice of the Filipino youth.


The OPPO F7 is the newest and FIRST 25MP selfie (front) camera phone that has the innovation of the new A.I technology for more defined and clear selfie shots and more. And more than that, here’s some camera features that makes this phone at top of its game: 

– MORE IMPROVED A.I Beautification Technology that matches different facial features of every individual based on gender, age, skin tone and skin type. They also improved their Sensor HDR and clear in backlight conditions. It means clearer camera and more distinct selfie shots, whoever you are.


Shot was taken at the OPPO F7 with the adjusted A.l beautification technology.

A.I beautification technology 2.0 not only moves beautifully in selfies. It also moves more vivid to any objects you’re taking (surroundings, nature, food, etc). It means more striking photographs than ever for your IG memories, wherever you are.  


Shot was taken at the OPPO F7 With their AR stickers mode.


AR Stickers for more fun selfie shots.  

– It uses the Sony IMX576 Sensor HDR technology that tops the quality feature of the previous OPPO F5 camera. 

And more than just the camera features, they also improved and add-on more features in this phone:


– It has the World’s first 12nm AI Processor technology for your high-demand apps and faster processor. More than that, they also add-on the features where you can split the screen for dual apps management, call/text while you’re on your gaming app, and more. 


6.23″ FHD + Super Full-Screen.

– 3400mAh Battery for longer battery use and new A.I Battery Management to consciously determine what apps are draining your battery most (games, social media apps, etc) 


Safe unlock technology (Facial Unlock, Fingerprint, Pass code) is now upgraded as well. 

– 2 variants are available: 6GB RAM+64GB  ROM (PHP17,990) and 6GB RAM+128GB ROM (to be announce)


– Glossy phone body design and you can choose from these beautiful color: Solar Red, Moonlight silver and Diamond Black for better fashion statement. 

The Filipino Endorsers that embodies the #CaptureTheRealYou


Kapamilya youngsters Janella Salvador, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto encapsulates the real definition of how to #CaptureTheRealYou should be at the recent OPPO F7 launch.


With all the harsh comments, body shaming and troll comments they usually get to their line of work, OPPO beautifully shows how to respond well with these bullying issues and show how to be real, authentic and strong. As strong as their new OPPO family members,  the new OPPO F7 will make sure that they’re living to this statement.


OPPO F7 will be available in April 21 nationwide. You can still avail their pre-order promo and free OLike Magic Music Lamp+Exclusive 6-months Extended Warranty will be given to you. For more updates, promos and more,  just visit their website at www.oppo.com/ph or visit their social media sites.

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