Geeky and Techie: Create an Unbreakable Bonds with your Family with LG OLED TVs and Super UHD TVs

Taking care of our family have some ups and downs in every season. For moms out there, we have tons of responsibilities in our every waking day. House errands, budgetting, discipline our children and investing our time, money and effort to sacrifice many things for our loved ones. And we tend to forget how to unwind for a little while. With our busy lifestyles, it can be extra difficult to carve out the time necessary to create these bonds, but there are many ways we can use our home to facilitate this.

Home technology, for one, can be the perfect tool for families to create memories and bonding opportunities. Pundits may criticize technology as damaging to family relations but there is a flip side. Instead of being responsible for the divide within a family, technology can actually be the glue that holds it together, especially with the advancement in smart TVs and home theatre systems.


When approached thoughtfully, TV viewing can be turned into an advantage because it can generate quality time together. It may take some time, and you may have to go through a healthy debate trying to select a movie everyone will like, but there’s nothing more enjoyable than cuddling up on the sofa with snacks, a blanket and everyone you love.

TVs encourages families to laugh—or cry—together, but it can also be a tool for sparking discussion and disseminating information. In the age of streaming movies and subscription services like Netflix, parents can leverage smart TVs to educate their kids by introducing them to both local and international issues, and exposing them to documentaries and nature shows that portray various cultures and people. Watching TV with your children can open them up to a world far beyond their imagination and the communities they live in.

Watching television can also be an important tool for relaxation. In today’s busy world, parents are encouraged to slow down and unwind, and children need opportunities to take a breather as well. Cozying up together in the living room watching a laugh-out-loud comedy may just do the trick.

LG heightens the family bonding experience through its latest range of OLED TVs and Super UHD TVs. Offering the latest in audio-visual innovation, these multi-functional entertainment systems provide the ultimate cinematic TV experience at home. Whether you’re watching the latest Pixel movie with the little ones, looking up videos on the Internet with your significant other or playing a video game with your teens, LG’s OLED TV and Super UHD TVs can display any content in superior quality, setting you up for truly spectacular viewing.


LG’s best-selling OLED TV features an Alpha 9 processor that significantly improves noise reduction, allowing for more vivid pictures, improved color performance and superior color accuracy (a palette of over a billion rich colors). Just imagine the look of wonder on your kids’ faces when faced with LG OLED TVs startlingly lifelike images. Also ranked among the best performers in TVs worldwide are LG’s Super UHD TVs. Featuring Nano Cell Technology, these sets provide the most advanced LCD picture quality, greater brightness and a wide range of colors that are truer to the original image, even at wide viewing angles.

Both LG OLED and LG SUPER UHD TVs feature ThinQ, the brand’s artificial intelligence technology that enables you and your kids to voice out commands to control TV functions, search for and play content, and access information from the Internet.

We are social beings who crave a sense of belonging and connectivity. Whether you’re watching from a small screen or a massive 84-inch set, the TV may be the only common ground for many families, and—believe it or not—it’s now a better conduit for connectedness than ever before.

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