Geeky and Techie: Find a Reliable Car for Singles at “Cars.com”

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As a single lady like me who likes adventure and spend time with the people I love, I better have a vehicle that will suites my needs. Traffic issues and maintenance costs aside, I always look forward driving my own car and go around with it to have my #TravelGoals happen.


So as a single lady who doesn’t know about cars, The website called “cars.com” taught me many things about getting the right car for my season.

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For us singles, what are the things you want to consider when buying a car? Here are some tips you can use:

1. Talk to Reliable People

Having friends with different cars and their insights about it is very useful for my references. Even Grab/Uber drivers are now reliable to talk with when it comes to cars. Find a car enthusiast who will tell you some layman’s terms about cars and get insights from their driving experience. Through it, you will know what’s the best brand of car to use for your convenience.

2. Research for your dream car

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What kind of car do you want? Is this SUV, Family Van, or Travel Van? What type of car motors should you have in your car? What special features and extra peripherals you want? These are the questions you want to know about your dream car. Remember that it’s more than just the style and hype that will carry your decision-making. Consider the quality, brand reliability, and cost-efficiency of the car so you will not regret having it in the end.

3. Learn How to Drive.

You don’t need to have a car before you even learn how to drive. Enroll in a very reliable driving school and learn more things about changing tires/oil/battery, how to use the gear lever/steering wheel/clutches and more. You can also find a very reliable friend to teach you first-hand how to drive. It will lessen your stress level and it will prepare you once that car come.

4. Check the Documents Well

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From the registration documents to car insurance policy letters, better make sure that you thoroughly know how to handle these documents well. Before anything else, make sure that you have a driver’s license and remember when it will expire/need renewal. Organized car documents will be your gateway for smoother, stress-free drive.

5. Get to a Great website for car updates

Cars.com is a great site to check out when it comes to researching and finding the car that’s right for you. I learned many things about car models, driving tips and even car reviews that even teenagers can understand. You can fully rely on their articles and tips for your awesome driving time.

Getting a right and reliable car should not stress you out. Visit www.cars.com and have the great travel times ahead.

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