Geeky and Techie: New High-Quality Printing Services at Dots and Pixels

Business cards are one of the essentials you need if you’re in a business meeting or occasionally meeting with a client. In the corporate ladder of success, you have to give your A-game towards success. As a freelance blogger/teacher, I tend to have a chance of forgetting to have a business card with me.

In the area of SM Megamall, many businesses offices and corporate companies are within reach. And as busy as these people are, they need a suitable and reliable printing company to help them with their printing needs.


That’s where the new Dots and Pixels in SM Megamall branch comes along. We attended the recent launch of their new branch and see how their service and expertise are beyond compare.



This family-owned business aimed to cater different corporate companies and those who wants to have a high-quality printing needs like you and me. Starting from humble beginnings, the owner of the company Ms. Jenny Villanueva decided to put up this business to support the passion of her daughter and how to make it God-centered as possible. The family has owned other printing companies like the Apvil Graphics Industry until they decided to put up their new High-Printing company inside SM Megamall.



More than business cards and other printing necessaries, they also do other printing services like ads, wallpapers, branding and logos, merchandise designs and direct to media services that are high powered by the Fujifilm Acuity LED Printer.



So if you want to have it fast and high-quality printing service, make Dots and Pixels as your first choice.

Dots & Pixels
5th floor SM Mega Fashion Hall near the Ice skating rink.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dotsandpixelsph/
Follow Instagram: @Dotsandpixelsph
Call 0998 861 5907
email: dotsandpixelsph@gmail.com

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