Geeky and Techie: Smart Enterprise and PLDT SME Nation Unveil the first “Bozz Awards”

Geeky and Techie: Smart Enterprise and PLDT SME Nation Unveil the first "Bozz Awards"

Smart Enterprise, under PLDT SME Nation, has unveiled its latest initiative to empower the new breed of Filipino entrepreneurs.


The Bozz Awards is a social media crowd sourcing search for the new generation of entrepreneurs who are harnessing digital tools to grow their businesses. These entrepreneurs are known for spearheading a revolutionary change in business platforms through their use of technology.

In partnership with Rappler, a pioneer in embracing online platforms for news generation and distribution, the Bozz Awards hopes to inspire more entrepreneurs with success stories of those who are boldly embraced the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.

Rappler will house the main site for the Bozz Awards, and will facilitate the crowd sourcing aspect of the campaign which will carry the online handle #BeTheBoss.

“For years now, PLDT SME Nation has been knownn for our MVP bossing Awards which celebrate Filipino business titans whose stories of success embody perseverance and continuous innovation. They are the industry start-up entrepreneurs look up to,” PLDT First Vice President and Head of SME Business Kat Luna-Abelarde explained. “The Bozz Awards is all about the new breed of entrepreneurs, who are jut as persevering and innovative, albeit faced with a different set of challenges and opportunities in this digital age of doing business.”






Phase 2: Panel Selection

An esteemed panel of industry leaders will select the best three nominations for each category based on the following:

  • Promising Entrepreneurial Journey (20%)The journey to success begins with the first step but true potential begins to show somewhere along the middle. Promise doesn’t mean immediate success, but rather the talent and determination to reach that goal one day. This is a toast to the promise of a venture bound for the bigger and the better.
  • Market/Brand Affinity (20%)The best product or service in the world means nothing if no one has heard about it. A successful business needs to be a known name; a name that its customers trust and believe in.
  • Integration of Tech to Business (30%)Entrepreneurial spirit is one thing, but to integrate the right tools in order to thrive is another. Technology is ever-present, but not everyone is able to utilize its full potential. In the millennial age, businesses that stay on the cutting edge of technology rise above the competition.
  • Product/Service Innovation (30%)A business should strive to be the needle in the haystack, and not the haystack itself. A business will naturally face some competition along the way but a unique offering can truly separate them from the pack. This is a nod to the “eureka” moment that paves the way for one-of-a-kind goods and offerings.



After the public vote, the panel’s score will comprise 60% of the nominees’ final score.

Phase 3: Public Voting

From September 28 to October 16, public voting will take place. There will be three nominees for each category to choose from. The nominees’ public vote ranking will be converted to 40% of their final score.



The first batch of Bozz awardees will each receive a full-powered Smart Enterprize Biz Kit which consists of business-enhancing tools and gadgets, including year-long data subscription, to help keen them always connected to their customers and updated with their operations, even while on the go.

As fitting tribute to game-changing entrepreneurs who are leading the digital revolution in business, the final five Bozz awardees will also be given a ones-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the world’s melting pot pf technology via an exclusive Silicon Valley tour.



For more information on how to #BeTheBoss, visit rappler.com/betheboss

(Pictures courtesy of Rappler.com webiste)

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