Geeky and Techie: Time for A.I OLED TV Experience with LG’s NEWEST OLED Wallpaper TV (W8)

For a whole new entertainment experience, LG unveiled a whole lot of class and innovation as they showcase both technology and design of the 77″ OLED Wallpaper TV (W8). Offering an unmatched home entertainment experience all in a sleek, paper-slim panel, the W8 was designed to elevate any room or viewing environment. At 2.57mm thin and 77 inches wide, it looks more like a window on the wall than an actual TV.

The creativity and dexterity that have gone into perfecting the W8’s exteriors also extends to the technology within the unit. This wallpaper TV addresses all the major aspects of picture quality, including clarity, brightness and sharpness. In addition, the W8’s deep black levels and bold contrast provide a consistent experience regardless of a room’s lighting or the spectator’s viewing angle. Equipped with LG’s new a9 processor, the OLED W8 allows users to see every hidden detail as it was meant to be seen, with no noise or distortion. The W8 also features its AI function through its new ThinQ platform, which offers an impressive number of unique voice commands.


To show off the stunning features of the W8, LG previewed a video it has commissioned for the museum as part of its CSR commitment to education. Shot on 4K by underwater photographer and videographer Noel Guevara, the video features the exceptional diversity of the color-washed marine life and coral reefs at Balicasag Island in Bohol. The W8 became Guevara’s canvas for revealing the tiniest details of Bohol’s underwater world—from the marks on the face of a turtle to the sliver-like antennae of a reef shrimp—with incredible reality.


Can you can imagine having this true-to-life picture quality and near-cinematic experience in your own home? LG OLED ambassador James Deakin presented a video blog at the launch, where he discusses how the OLED has improved his family’s TV-viewing experience by leaps and bounds. “Once you’ve watched something on the OLED, it’s really hard to go back to anything else,” he enthuses. “The picture quality is awesome—it’s really easy on the eyes and the sound quality is excellent—you don’t need boosters. Movie nights are a lot better, playing video games is much better, watching sports is so much better. There’s no going back.”


“The W8 highlights the true extent of LG’s innovation and passion for consumer-centric experiences,” says Mr. Jongnam An, Vice President – Home Entertainment at LG Philippines. “We always try to provide our customers with the most advanced innovations to deliver unrivaled viewing experiences and cutting-edge designs that enhance their everyday lives.”

Get the chance at having the ultimate viewing experience right in the comfort of your own living room. Every purchase of any LG OLED TV from now until Sept 2 at participating dealer stores nationwide entitles you to one digital raffle entry. Thirty prizes are at stake, including one 77-inch LG OLED TV W8, one 55-inch Super UHD TVs, two 43-inch UHD TVs, five SK5 SoundBars, eleven PK5 Portable Speakers and ten Netflix Premium memberships (valid for three months). Log on to lg.com/ph for more details.

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