How Head & Shoulders Helps Famous TikTokers Stay Cool Amid the Heat

Head & Shoulders

ICYMI, here’s the itchuation: the Philippines experienced an infernal summer, its hottest in recorded history ever. All season long, the heat has been off the charts, but this isn’t the worst of it. This season seems to be the itchiest yet, (no) thanks to the unprecedented high temperatures and humidity of the season, the ultimate breeding ground for fungus and dandruff build-up.

Curiously, however, while everyone is melting in this heat-chy season, some TikTokers are actually trending for coolly breezing through the season and living the tropical life.

Head & Shoulders

“Keeping it chill during this hot weather–with a cool scalp!” shares Lifestyle Content Creator, Nicko Sia, contrary to the scorching heat. Up-and-coming Beauty Content Creator, Doreen Catacutan, was also sighted sporting beautiful long locks and keeping it cool while horseback riding under the infernal sun.

Everyone else barely survived, but how did these TikTokers thrive?

A Season of #NoITCHuations

Because we are always itching to know what’s what, we did some internet digging (stalking, rather) to find out how these TikTokers managed to #LetITCHGo in this heat.

We didn’t have to dig too deep (or at all) because the secret is very much predictable—it’s Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol all along. Even on the hottest days, Lifestyle Content Creator, Keano Aniban, still feels fresh and cool throughout the day with Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol.

Head & Shoulders

We observed that consistency seems to be the key – using Head & Shoulders everyday has helped make a difference in keeping these KOLs feeling fresh and cool. Firstly, it has Anti-Dandruff Properties that help protect the scalp from dandruff and itch so you can #LetITCHGo.

Combine this with its Cooling Menthol that helps keep the scalp feeling cool and fresh even under the sun and a gentle formula that’s safe for daily use, then what you get is a #NoITCHuations feeling.

Even Tiktokers in the field of medicine are surprised by the fresh and cool feeling that Head & Shoulders gives them!

Head & Shoulders

In Sean and Adrian’s videos, as Medical Experts, they explain the ingredients found in Head & Shoulders and how it helps its users get dandruff protection while giving a cooling feeling to their scalp.

With overwhelming product testimonials, how can we possibly go wrong with Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol?

#LetITCHGo this season with Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Every Day

Choose to embrace and enjoy the tropical life and vibe of the Philippines by having #NoITCHuations even during our hottest season yet with the help of Head & Shoulders!

Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol is available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide and Shopee and Lazada.

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