Home Chores You’ve Forgotten About

Home Chores

Home chores might be not a pleasant thing to do, but it is one of the best thing you can do to keep your environment healthy and safe to live in during pandemic.

Looking after your home can take many forms; keeping it safe, keeping it cozy and comfortable, and keeping it clean and tidy. And the latter alone can take up a good portion of your week! However, even when you’re constantly being proactive about how organized you keep your house, there are still quite a few home chores that you can put off or forget about. 

And that’s why this post is here! You’ve tackled the kitchen and the bathroom, and you’ve made your bed and vacuumed the floor, but is there a few pockets of dust you’ve missed? Maybe you’ve got a bit of time, maybe you just need someone to jog your memory – either way, here are some of the most commonly forgotten home chores that you might need to pick up on. 

Home Chores
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Get Behind the Appliances

The appliances in your home haven’t been moved since they were fitted, and that can be a real problem for the cleanliness of your home. After all, plenty of dirt can get under and behind the fridge and the oven and even the boiler in your home, and it’s important to clean these spaces out at least once or twice a year. So, consider this the sign to go and empty/turn off these appliances, if need be, and then get some spray and cloth just to wipe them down. 

Change the AC Filter

Your air conditioning system, if you have one, has probably gone neglected for a long time now. It could be stuffed up with all kinds of dust particles and stray hairs, from both pets and humans, and that filter is probably really suffering to try and blow cool, clean air out right now! 

Indeed, if you leave an AC filter alone for too long, it could very well bust the whole system, or cause a fire in the long run. And if you’ve just investigated your AC and found something that didn’t look right, it’s important to get in touch with a 24 Hour AC Repair, to stop this problem in its tracks right now. 

Clean the Windows and Doors

The windows and doors in your home can be huge dirt sinks, simply because they’re such high traffic areas. Your windows act like a portal to the outside world, and can get covered in layers of grime as a result. Your doors, similarly, are being opened and shut multiple times a day, and people can leave all kinds of bacteria on the handle. 

Home Chores

Once again, you’re going to need a microfiber cloth and some disinfectant spray, at the least, just to give your windows and doors the once over. However, if it’s been quite a few years since you cleaned a door, make sure you give those handles a good scrub! 

Your home is plenty clean as it is, but make sure you don’t neglect areas like those above forever. Plus, if you’re wondering where that smell is coming from, try looking behind the fridge… 

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