How to be Efficient in UX (User Experience) during this Pandemic?


The concept of UX (User Experience) has now become powerful in the midst of pandemic. People are now finding ways to elevate their business and be more interactive with their customer experience. Understanding how they think and how they see your business is the key to unlocking endless potential for growth.While the term is vague, there are actually several principles that UX focuses on. In this article, we’re going to be explaining the basics of UX, what it means and also where you can apply it to your business.

How to be Efficient in UX (User Experience) during this Pandemic?
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The seven principles of UX (User Experience)

The concept of UX is based around seven distinct principles.

  • Usefulness focuses on the value that your product or service offers to a customer. For instance, your website needs to have a purpose in order for it to be considered useful to your customers. If they don’t consider it useful, then it fails the very first principle of what makes a good user experience.
  • Usability is all about making your website, service or product easy to use. This enhances the user experience, making it easy for your intended audience to use it. The exact steps to take to make your product or service more usable will depend on what it is and the current circumstances of your business.
  • Accessibility actually differs slightly from accessibility. Usability is all about making your content accessible to those with disabilities. In other words, it’s about providing a good user experience to everyone and anyone.
  • Desirability is a measure of your brand and identity. By using different design elements and smart marketing strategies, you can make your product, service or even your entire brand more desirable. This is mainly rooted in marketing but it can also merge other similar concepts.
  • Discoverability is about making sure your brand can be found. Search engine optimization is a basic principle of this and tends to be the foundation for a business’s discoverability on the internet. However, this can be augmented by using social media or even a traditional marketing campaign to reach offline audiences.
  • Credibility focuses on making your brand trustworthy, reliable and reputable. This is done through a combination of word-of-mouth marketing and review services like Yelp.

With these seven principles of UX in mind, let’s take a look at how you can apply these to your business as it currently stands.

UX (User Experience)
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Conducting sufficient research to understand who your target audience is

These days, it’s important to understand exactly who your target audience is in order to appeal to them the best. Regardless of the type of business you operate, it’s important to think about how you can connect and engage with your audience on multiple different levels. This will help keep your brand in the minds of consumers, but it’ll also help you identify areas of your business that could be improved to create a better user experience. Research can be carried out in the number of different ways, but we’d highly suggest working with any sources of analytics you have for unbiased data.

Seeking assistance from UX specialists can greatly speed up the process

Improving the user experience is a learning experience that takes a lot of trial and error. You can speed up this process by contacting services such as Userzoom.com to help you source different UX insights that turn into actionable sets of data. With these services, you’ll get valuable information about how your services and products are performing. You can act on the data provided, boosting your exposure and fixing any potential issues that your customers could experience. Working with a specialist will also help free up time since the collection and parsing of data can take a fairly long time.

Defining your content strategy by focusing on the user’s experience

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to draw in a large audience and hold their attention. However, the strategy that you use can greatly affect the demographic you attract and it’ll also affect the success rate of your content. With UX insights, you can plan ahead to write and curate useful content that appeals to your audience.

This content should not only be entertaining but be useful in a number of different ways. For example, it should deliver valuable insights into your brand, it should help with the use of your products and services, and it should also help with your search engine optimization. Content can fill different roles when used correctly. However, creating this type of content can be time-consuming, so we’d suggest speaking to a content creation service to provide you with the necessary content that fits your strategy.

UX plays an important role in your web design

Web design is also an incredibly important component of any business’s marketing strategy. Websites are a digital storefront that represents your brand. This makes it incredibly important for you to focus on creating a solid website that has strong design principles, is accessible to everyone and provides value to your customers. We briefly mentioned the importance of your content strategy and how UX principles affect it, but the overall design of your website also plays a role in creating a streamlined user experience.

For instance, navigation menus need to be clear and concise, you need to have accessibility options for those that have sight problems, and you should also create a feature-rich backend that allows users to interact with your business in a number of different ways. Strong web design will help your brand stand out, bringing more people to your website and instilling your brand into their minds.

Regardless if you’re a work-at-home style business or a Fortune 500 company, it’s vital to start learning about how you can apply these concepts to your business. It can greatly increase your chances of success as a business and it will inspire customer loyalty. So the next time you think about growing your business, keep these user experience basics in mind and learn how to apply them to every aspect of your business.

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