Investment Made less Complicated with the return of Sun Life’s Asset Management “Make it Mutual” Campaign

Investment Made less Complicated with the return of Sun Life's Asset Management "Make it Mutual" Campaign

For millennial like us, making options always a easy way to choose what’s right and fit for us. Whether its an outfit or a travel destination, there’s always variety of deals and perks to choose from. In terms of money management, there’s companies offering different forms of savings tools and it can be confusing for people to comprehend.

For 20 excellent years in service, Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) continues to educate and empower people to start investing through Mutual Funds in an effective and convenient way. With all their social media approach, various workshops and client services, their strong initiatives bring more people to invest more towards financial sustainability. SLAMCI remains to be the largest non-bank affiliated asset management company in the country, with PHP 80 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM) as of January 10, 2020.

For this new decade, Sun Life Asset Management is bringing back its highly successful investor education campaign dubbed “Make It Mutual” in a bid to encourage more Filipinos to make mutual funds their choice of investment, as they strive to achieve their financial goals.

“SLAMCI has been working hard to make investing more accessible and affordable to investors, and Our latest initiatives will be featured in the latest ‘Make It Mutual campaign,” SLAMCI President Valerie Pama said. “Moreover, we hope to promote a long-term mindset when it comes to their financial journey, so they can fully enjoy the benefits of their investments.”

Investment Made less Complicated with the return of Sun Life's Asset Management "Make it Mutual" Campaign

Innovative Approach to Investment Literacy through Social Media

Filipinos are now known to spend more than 10 hours a day just browsing through social media and watch videos (binge watch.) Sun Life Asset Management wants to take advantage of these opportunities to reach out more people to educate, equip, and empower them to start their investment journey.

At the center of the new “Make It Mutual” campaign is a series of four digital videos which will highlight the ease of investing, where one can now open an account online through the Sun Life portal or mobile app for only P1,000; the importance of choosing the right fund so that it suits the investor’s personality and priorities; and the need to invest regularly for the long-term in order to stay on track one’s financial goals.

Investment Made less Complicated with the return of Sun Life's Asset Management "Make it Mutual" Campaign

The campaign, which will be released on social media so it may be easily accessed and shared by viewers, will once again feature SLAMCI brand ambassador Matteo Guidiceli.

Start your “Make it Mutual” Journey

Create an account to Mutual Fund is not complicated as it looks. You can visit http://sunlifefunds.com and follow these steps:

  • find a suitable a desired mutual fund for you.
  • Click the “Buy Now” Button.
  • Accomplish the online application form with scanned valid ID
  • Settle payment through preferred means.

SLAMCI manages 10 peso-denominated funds and five 5 dollar-denominated funds, which are distributed by over 2,500 Licensed Mutual Fund Advisors nationwide, ten bank partners including BDO Private Bank, EastWest and Maybank, and six brokers namely COL Financial Philippines, First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation, AB Capital Securities, Inc., Rampver Financials, Unicapital Securities, Inc., and Wealth Securities, Inc.

So it’s indeed better to invest to the best company and start building your #LifeGoals with Sun Life Asset Management. Whether it’s for your travel goals, buying your dream house, education fund or making your money grow, “Make it Mutual” with Sun Life Asset Management.

For more details on SLAMCI’s upcoming offerings, follow @SunLifePH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Investment Made less Complicated with the return of Sun Life's Asset Management "Make it Mutual" Campaign

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