IVNFIL in Launching new EP “Glass Shuttle,” Bringing us to the Heart of ONE


IVNFIL (pronounced as “Ivan FIL), proves that every creative step you take can lead to gems of breakthroughs. From doing song covers on YouTube to being featured by Eric Nam in an interview at Glamour, he’s ready to take us on a journey through his songs. 

Known for his superb talent as a singer and producer, IVNFIL already accomplished many things in his career, as he created music that matters. From doing covers during the pandemic and After the success of his mini album “CRXSSED OUT,” he returned with new record that will encapsulate a more creative side of him through his fresh-eyed perspective. 


“Glass Shuttle,” the name of IVNFIL’s new EP, consists of three songs that express themes of wonder, comfort, companionship, and loss. Showcasing clear vocals and catchy beats, he magically produced fresh beats to every track, and matched the right lyrics to it; making it more captivating and relatable to its listeners. With this kind of artistry, IVNFIL is making every effort to convey a message to every song he writes… wherever his vision takes him. 

The lead single “Glass Shuttle” is already creating buzz on its own; as it recently won the 2023 @WorshipCollective.co Songwriting Competition here in the Philippines. The song conveys a story of a person’s vulnerability, making his decision to turn his/her eyes to the One who is Constant and True. Since ‘Glass Shuttle’ won the competition, a re-imagined version of the song together with Australian Worship Artist and talented producer, Luke Munns of The Lukas Band will team up with IVNFIL in this special project.


Tracks like ‘To The Sky’ and ‘When The Morning Comes’ will also be part of the EP album. The goal of this album is to bring you once again to the journey, coming from its last mini album “Glass Airline.” 

“Glass Shuttle” is a continuation of a previous release called “Glass Airline” which is set in the “Glass series” that I’ve created. The series has a visual imagery set in the future that speaks about an adventurous journey between man and God, telling stories and concepts that are inspired by Scripture to reveal and portray the timelessness of the Father’s heart for us.” IVNFIL said.

You can listen to his EP on Spotify and Apple Store. Follow IVNFIL on his social media platforms and join the club. 

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