Jessa Macaraig and Her Inspiring Life Experiences behind The Pretty You Aesthetics.

Jessa Macaraig

Jessa Macaraig and her story might be something people perceive as another cliche “Rags to Riches” story. But many of her experiences and life story is something all of us can relate to and inspired to dream for ourselves as well. 

As the CEO of The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinics, Jessa Macaraig was one of the frontliners of cosmetic and dermatologists in the country that flourished in the midst of the pandemic. Through her growing beauty empire and her faith, there are many things you can learn from this business woman, mother, friend, and famous Tiktoker.  

Jessa Macaraig
Photo Credit from The Pretty You Facebook Page

Don’t Brag, Just Inspire

Coming from humble beginnings, Jessa Macaraig started her passion for beauty and healthy lifestyle as a Medical Representative for a Pharmaceutical Company. She began young in building her empire through different business/side hustles so she can provide for her siblings. Other than her other work experience, she also worked as a Financial Advisor and a Businesswoman in Plastic Manufacturing. 

Things may not come easy for her path. But with dedication and her “wais diskarte” in life, she was able to build her empire and The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinic was born.

The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinics and its Humble Beginnings

It was 5 months before the pandemic when 3 or their The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinics were built. But it was during the lockdown that made all the difference for Jessa’s empire. Because of the pandemic, this shakes her confidence and leads to her depression. Yet, it doesn’t stop her from moving forward from doing what she loves. 

During the pandemic, Jessa Macaraig started a Korean food business with her husband. And with all her charismatic personality and determination, she was able to continue doing aesthetics procedures with her friends as clients. The pandemic also gave her more time to learn how to do treatments like permanent eyebrow tattoo, non-invasive facial treatments, and more. The hunger for learning, GRIT mentality, and her pursuit of excellence made her empire to continuously grow. 

Jessa Macaraig
Photo Credit from The Pretty You Facebook Page

The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinics and its Extravagant Growth

As of today, The Pretty You Aesthetics remains focused on building big plans for the future. Jessa Macaraig was able to build a bigger pool of clients from friends, colleagues and investors. And she aimed to have 20 branches fully operated for this year. One of her big plans was to establish a prime clinic with an operating room for the surgical procedures. And most of her doctors and staff are professionally trained to do aesthetic procedures, ensuring safety and delivering excellent service to clients. 

Jessa Macaraig
Photo Credit from The Pretty You

She recently opened The Pretty You Aesthetics for Franchising, where entrepreneurs can have their own aesthetic clinic for 3 million pesos (Machines, training, etc.). This shows the vision of Jessa in making her empire help more Filipinos achieve success in the beauty industry. 

Keeping the Faith within the Empire

Jessa Macaraig might be focused on innovation and rising up to the challenge with her business and goals. But she makes sure that her convictions in business are rooted in her faith and beliefs. During our interview, we can attest that Jessa has been all about bringing praises and thanksgiving to God through the blessings she’s getting in life. Though she experienced many challenges and hurdles along the way, she was able to remain steadfast and confident in her faith as a Christian. And with her family, friends, and clients by her side, Jessa will continue to soar high and keep the faith with her wherever her empire takes her. 

To know more about The Pretty You Aesthetics, treatments, and more, you can follow their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/theprettyyou.ph

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