Knowledge Channel Foundation Champions Energy Conservation in New Series ‘Siklo Ng Enerhiya’

Knowledge Channel Foundation

Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. (KCFI) has launched a new educational series ‘Siklo ng Enerhiya’ that teaches young viewers the importance of energy consumption and conservation, airing every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, 3:40 PM on Knowledge Channel.

Knowledge Channel Foundation

‘Siklo ng Enerhiya’ will follow the fun escapades of Ella, as she explores the vital role of energy in our everyday lives. Each episode is designed through a partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE) to enhance viewers’ understanding of the agency’s responsibilities in the distribution of energy, the sources of this energy, and most importantly, methods to conserve this limited resource.

Knowledge Channel Foundation

“In our highly advanced modern age, it seems like our entire world relies on having electricity. And because we’re fortunate to be in a place where it’s readily accessible, we can take it for granted. But in many distant and far-flung areas, electricity is a privilege that only a few have. That’s why it’s so important that our young Filipino learners – understand the science behind energy,” said KCFI president and executive director, Rina Lopez.

Get ready to learn and play with Ella as she helps viewers understand the importance of energy and how to conserve it in ‘Siklo ng Enerhiya,’ now airing on Knowledge Channel. 

For more information on Knowledge Channel Foundation, visit www.knowledgechannel.org or follow @kchonline on Twitter and @knowledgechannel on Facebook.

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