KonsultaMD, Etiqa Philippines Partner Up to Make Excellent Digital Health more Accessible to Filipinos


KonsultaMD and Etiqa Philippines have embarked on a partnership to enhance digital health access for Filipinos. This initiative enables Etiqa members and their dependents to avail of free consultations from KonsultaMD.

The alliance was formally unveiled at a recent contract signing event attended by key executives from both companies, led by Cholo Tagaysay, CEO of KonsultaMD, and Rico Bautista, President and CEO of Etiqa. 

With this collaboration, KonsultaMD becomes a key health partner in Etiqa’s extensive network of over 1,500 hospitals and clinics across the country. Augmented by KonsultaMD’s large network of over 1,000 healthcare professionals on their platform, Etiqa members can now access a broad array of doctors and specialists through the app. 

The synergy of these two ecosystems seeks to foster a more comprehensive approach to healthcare and provide a more affordable, accessible, and robust health solution for Filipinos. KonsultaMD and Etiqa Philippines, leaders in telehealth and health insurance, respectively, look forward to introducing additional services in the coming months.

“As we develop more services in the KonsultaMD ecosystem, we would still need partners who can help amplify the reach of our services. We are in the business of democratizing healthcare, and Etiqa is the perfect partner to help reach that goal,” said Tagaysay.

Cholo Tagaysay (L), CEO of KonsultaMD, and Rico Bautista, CEO and President of Etiqa (R), seal the deal with a handshake. 

Dr. Fe De Leon, Senior Assistant Vice President of the Medical Operations Department of Etiqa Philippines, noted how the partnership seeks to address limited access to fundamental healthcare facilities and services in the Philippines.

“The biggest challenge for the Philippine healthcare sector is the lack of access to even the most basic healthcare facilities and services including teleconsultation, particularly in the provincial areas. We hope that this partnership will provide accessibility and quality healthcare services while being a cost-effective and efficient practice of preventive medicine,” she said.

Etiqa members can avail of free online doctor consultations from KonsultaMD through a simple three-step process. First, they must call the KonsultaMD Hotline at 02-7798-8000 (press 0) or email @wellness@konsulta.md, and provide the Wellness Representative their policy number and mobile number, a one-time requirement for initial consultation. Following this, members should download the KonsultaMD app and register using the same mobile number given to the hotline. The Etiqa health plan will be activated within the app in about thirty minutes upon successful registration.

A portfolio company of Globe’s 917Ventures, KonsultaMD is helping democratize healthcare through comprehensive, reliable telehealth services including 24/7 doctor access, medical certificates, same-day pharmacy deliveries, at-home diagnostics, and nursing care for newborns and the elderly. It also advocates for mental health consultations, leading efforts to destigmatize such services among Filipinos. 

For more information about KonsultaMD, visit https://konsulta.md   or download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

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