Lung Center Philippines Opens Smoking Cessation Clinic w/ DOH & Johnson & Johnson (Philippines)

Lung Center Philippines

Lung Center Philippines opened a smoking cessation clinic to accelerate smoking cessation efforts by providing greater support for smokers that will improve their ability to quit the habit and stay nicotine-free. The smoking cessation clinic was launched on November 18 with important stakeholders in attendance including representatives from the Department of Health, Lung Center of the Philippines, and Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc.

Making smoking cessation a public health priority

Lung Center Philippines

Aside from nicotine contained in tobacco being highly addictive, tobacco use itself harms nearly every organ in the body. Quitting smoking can result in immediate health benefits and can add years to life expectancy.

“While 98% of Filipinos have expressed their desire to quit, only 4% were successful in doing so,” said Director IV of the Knowledge Management and Information Technology Service of the Department of Health, Dr. Enrique Tayag. “Further assistance is needed in the form of either counseling or first-line medications to ensure success as it is difficult to resist nicotine cravings by relying on willpower alone.”

Lung Center Philippines’ new Smoking Cessation Clinic is a big step in helping smokers quit through medical intervention. The facility offers a comprehensive program which includes cessation counseling and access to nicotine replacement therapy products like Nicorette.

“The smoking cessation clinic is a crucial milestone in our plans to promote the early prevention of various respiratory diseases among smokers,” said Executive Director IV of Lung Center Philippines, Dr. Vincent Balanag. “Aside from individual counseling by our Pulmonary Fellows to understand the root of nicotine use, the clinic will also offer smokers viable options for quitting such as behavioral therapies and FDA-approved medications, which include various forms of nicotine replacement products.”

“It is our hope that with this clinic and the continuation of our smoking cessation program, we can reduce the number of tobacco-related mortalities in the country.”

Helping smokers quit for good

Quitting smoking can be a long and difficult process. A smoking cessation program, which includes the use of pharmacologic treatment options like nicotine replacement therapy, is advised to help the body gradually adjust to the reduction of nicotine until it can manage without it. This will make the process of quitting more manageable, sustainable, and achievable overall.

“We at Johnson & Johnson are committed to changing the trajectory of health for humanity,” said the head of Medical Affairs of Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc., Dr. Erwin Benedicto. “Across the global network, the company is helping alleviate disease areas that continue to cause high mortality rates, such as lung cancer wherein the number one risk factor is smoking.”

“One of our key priorities this year is to help more people quit smoking by making nicotine replacement therapy products such as Nicorette more accessible to smokers. At the same time, we are strengthening smoking cessation programs through partnerships that will equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to help smokers quit for good.”

“Through our partnerships, we aim to open more smoking cessation clinics like the one here in Lung Center Philippines to provide effective intervention for smokers and reverse the damaging effects of nicotine in their body.”

If you want to quit smoking and are in need of professional help, visit Lung Center Philippines’ newly opened smoking cessation clinic or call the DOH Quitline at 1558.

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