lyf Cebu City’s Grand Opening Delivers the Ultimate Community Experience

lyf Cebu City officially swung open its doors on January 16, ushering in a new chapter of co-living and community-centric service. lyf Cebu City is one of the properties developed by Cebu Landmasters INC., Visayas-based firm, alongside Citadines Cebu City, Citadines Bacolod City, and Citadines Paragon Davao.

 lyf Cebu City

The opening event was graced by Philip Barnes, Country General Manager; Rey Vergel Mulat, lyf Champion (Residence Manager) of lyf Cebu City; Mathias Bergundthal, Director of Hotels and Assets of Cebu Landmaster’s; Jose Franco Soberano, SEVP and COO of Cebu Landmaster’s; Jose Soberano III, ⁠Cebu Landmaster’s Chairman and CEO; Mike Rama, Mayor of Cebu City; Judy Gabato, Chief Tourism Operations Officer of DOT – Central Visayas; and Atty. Jocelyn Pesquerra, Cebu City Councilor. These notable individuals took the spotlight during the digital ribbon-cutting ceremony, setting the tone for an unforgettable travel experience.

lyf Cebu City

“lyf Cebu City is not merely a space; it’s a dynamic, vibrant lifestyle that we’re bringing to Cebu for the very first time. We are thrilled to bridge the gap between local warmth and international co-living innovation here in Visayas and Mindanao as the first international coliving serviced residence,” Rey Vergel Mulat, lyf Champion (Residence Manager).  

The grand opening consisted of a property tour through a photo scavenger hunt, unveiling the innovative co-living spaces and vibrant communal areas. Guests were also able to snap photos with lyf’s tailor-made pop interior for Instagrammable selfies, offering a visual feast for attendees eager to capture the moment. Reflective of the brand’s fun and social vibe. 

Strategically located at Tower 3, Baseline Center, Cebu, the property seamlessly integrates into the vibrant energy of the city. Inside, is a cozy escape for travelers. From the One of a Kind (Studio) to Side by Side (Twin) and All Together (Two-bedroom and Four-bedroom) apartment units, guests can choose a space that suits their preferences. 

Amenities for Every Lifestyle

 lyf Cebu City

lyf Cebu City promises a co-living experience like no other. lyf’s “Connect” (Coworking Space and Communal Lounge) provides the perfect environment for collaboration, networking, and focused work, fostering a sense of community and offering an unparalleled living experience. Equipped with high-speed internet, comfortable chairs, and plenty of power outlets, it’s a workspace designed for utmost efficiency. For introverts seeking solace, lyf’s “Nook” (Private Working Space) offers a distraction-free haven for uninterrupted focus, but those looking to casually relax and socialize can do so at the “Stadium” (Lounge Area). 

lyf’s complete range of amenities include “Bond” (Social Kitchen) a communal cooking and dining area that invites guests to cook up culinary delights, exchange recipes, and share the joy of creating mouth-watering dishes. 

 lyf Cebu City

Bring the party from the kitchen to the “Dip” pool area or at lyf’s “Unwind” Rooftop Clubhouse,  guests can unwind with a drink while soaking in the stunning views, or even catch the Cebu sunset. 

Health enthusiasts can break a sweat at lyf’s 24-hour fully-equipped “Burn” (Social Gym). “Burn” brings an extra dazzle of fun with their indoor slide that leads to the outdoor area of Bond.  and for the dirty chores, lyf makes it easier with the “Wash and Hang” (Social Launderette) area where guests can play games, read, or hang around while waiting for the wash. 

lyf Cebu City

lyf Cebu City also serves as the perfect launchpad for guests to effortlessly explore the vibrant city. Situated just steps away from the property are an array of lively bars, pubs, and social hotspots, offering a dynamic and exciting nightlife experience.

With lyf strategically located amidst the city’s pulse, guests can easily navigate to renowned social areas, ensuring that every corner of Cebu becomes an accessible playground for exploration and enjoyment. Whether it’s a trendy bar, a cultural event, or a social gathering, the convenience of lyf’s central location ensures that guests are never far from the heartbeat of Cebu’s vibrant lifestyle.

lyf Cebu City
 lyf Cebu City

Vibe with the crew today at lyf Cebu City today with their introduction rates starting at PHP3,000 for their “One Of A Kind” or “Side By Side” (good for two) rooms, their All Together 2BR for P5,500 (good for 4), or the 4BR for PHP10,000 (good for 6). Book your stay through their website at https://www.discoverasr.com/en/lyf/philippines/lyf-cebu-city.

For more information and updates about lyf Cebu, follow the official social media pages ( Facebook | Instagram | Tiktok)Frequent travelers can also get a rewarding experience with the Ascott Star Rewards program. Members under the ASR can earn reward points to enjoy the lowest rates and get access to exclusive discounts and perks. Learn more about the Ascott Star Rewards program via this link.

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