Mapúa University Offers Excellent Foreign Language Courses through CCESC program

Mapúa University

Mapúa University is offering short language courses through its Continuing Education and Special Competencies (CCESC) program. Offered in various modes are Nihonggo (Japanese traditional language), Mandarin (Chinese traditional), aside from English speech and writing.

Mapúa University offers an elementary Japanese language course, a comprehensive 30-hour, 10-day training workshop that covers pronunciation and practical conversational skills. This class is ideal for beginners because it expands learners’ vocabulary and grammar, and builds up their listening and conversational skills. 

Mandarin lessons are also offered by Mapúa University CCESC. Highly-proficient instructors teach students the nuances of the language for 30 hours for short course takers or 45 hours for students who have Mandarin in their curriculum, within a 10-day period to help them prepare for their upcoming business, leisure, careers, or study trips.

After the course, students will be able to express their thoughts and engage in daily conversations using the correct pronunciation and intonation in Mandarin with a basic comprehension of written texts and an understanding of Chinese culture. 

Aside from Asian languages, Mapua also has enrichment English language classes in speech and writing. English Business Writing classes help employees elevate the quality of their professional correspondence at the workplace. This 32-hour, four-day training workshop covers the principles of writing, grammar, pragmatics, and writing exercises.  

Students can also sign up for the 24-hour, three-day speech training class to speak fluently and confidently in any business setting. While specialized courses on Business Communication and Presentation Skills are also offered by the Mapúa training center. 

Mapúa University

Jemmabel Hernandez, director of CCESC, said that having a good grasp of a second language builds confidence while it improves your cognitive skills like memory, problem-solving, verbal and spatial, attention, reading, and reasoning. 

“Knowing a second or third language encourages people to become global citizens and boosts their chances of being competitive internationally –whether in a professional, academic, or personal setting. It also helps you forge meaningful connections with people from across the globe and develop a culturally diverse worldview,” Hernandez explained. 

Mastering a foreign language increases employability here and overseas. Bilingual or multilingual professionals are sought after in fields like marketing, banking, real estate, research, tourism, product management, and operations for their rare skill which is highly useful in various occupations. 

Participants who enroll in any of the courses have the option of joining a face-to-face or online class. After completion of the course, students will receive certificates from Mapúa University CCESC. 

For more information on the available language courses visit https://ccesc.mapua.edu.ph/ or email ccesc@mapua.edu.ph.

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