Marcelino Cafe’s Excellent PHP 899 Buffet Experience at Manila Prince Hotel

Marcelino Cafe

Marcelino Cafe is in the heart of Manila Prince Hotel. And just like in The Manila Hotel, this buffet restaurant in Ermita Manila has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re up for a family brunch or want to treat your friends to dinner, this restaurant can host a good dining experience with its classic ambiance, delicious dishes, and good customer service. 

I had an opportunity to eat dinner on a school night, and I can tell that a buffet like Marcelino Cafe is something I would love to have as a reward after a hard day’s work and with any anniversary. 

1.The Interior is classic and cozy

As you enter the Cafe, you can feel the calm and nostalgic vibes with its waterfall-covered glass window and wood interior. Since they expanded their buffet section to the half-part of the hotel’s lobby, you will not worry about crowd control and just enjoy walking around their well-ventilated and alfresco cafe. Plus points: your pets have a special place at their cafe where you can eat with your fur companion.

2. It serves 15+ International Cuisines for only PHP 899 

Marcelino Cafe

Most of us often spend 899 for a more expensive unli-Korean BBQ and with other inclusions. At Marcelino Cafe, they serve dishes from different countries, and you can practically enjoy every cuisine through their stations. It means you can have your freshly cooked pasta and Korean BBQ on one plate. And more than that, you can go back and forth within your schedule. All those dishes are for only 899 pesos. What a great deal that is. 

The cuisine stations you can look forward to (and personal favorites) are:

  • Japanese station – You know that I love Japanese food, and my first go-to station for every buffet is sushi/tempura stations. This station has the same quality and taste as Manila Hotel’s Cafe Ilang-Ilang sushi. I will tell you how I devour lots of sushi in just one sitting, and indeed I can testify that it is so good. They also have sashimi and other Japanese dishes, and it almost beats the 400+ worth of ramen in stores. 
Marcelino Cafe
  • Pasta Station- Who would have thought that I could eat freshly cooked pasta and Korean BBQ at the same time? I guess you can only do that at Marcelino Cafe. At their pasta station, you can choose the type of pasta noodles, sauces, and toppings you want to add to your dish. The best part: their friendly chefs can cook it for you and serve it hot and fresh for you to enjoy. 
Marcelino Cafe
  • Meat carving and Korean BBQ Station- Speaking of Korean BBQ, their chefs are the ones who cook the meat for you. You can get as many as you like with kimchi (and pasta) on the side. If you’re not into their BBQ, you can also try their various Korean dishes from their alfresco dining area. And for premium meats, you can choose to add their juicy and tender roasted beef to your plate. 
Marcelino Cafe
  • Dessert station- With a buffet like that, you have to leave room for desserts. Can you imagine how big their dessert station is and how they have sweets for any type of sweet tooth? They have a chocolate fountain and chocolate barks for the Willy Wonka Experience. I love their chocolates, especially the ones that are straight-up made from Manila Hotel. Fruits and other cakes/pastries are also present at the station. What a good way to end the heavy meal.
Marcelino Cafe
  • Honorary mention: Mongolian beef, Mediterranean, Indian, and Chinese cuisine station. 
Marcelino Cafe

3. Accessibility to Good service

From what I experienced in this cafe, what I love the most is the customer service and their ability to serve fast-paced. The staff is attentive to every request and they can answer every concern you have when it comes to their food. If you want something customized, they will do their best to provide it. Not to mention they will sing for your birthday. 

In an economy where it’s too expensive to have a buffet, it is refreshing that Marcelino Hotel can serve that many dishes for only PHP 899 (PHP 540 for Breakfast Buffet). For that amount, you already have the full package: great dishes, cozy and inclusive ambiance, and friendly service. 

Marcelino Cafe

𝐄𝐚𝐭-𝐀𝐥𝐥-𝐘𝐨𝐮-𝐂𝐚𝐧 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐡 𝐨𝐫 𝐃𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐫 Terms and conditions:

1. This promo is open to in-house and walk-in guests of Manila Prince Hotel.

2. This promo is valid for lunch and dinner, Mondays to Sundays until March 18, 2024.

3. This offer shall not be used in conjunction with other promos and discounts such as Senior Citizen, Diplomat, and PWD discount. The special rate is inclusive of applicable taxes and charges.

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