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MeiYanQiong skin care products are here in the Philippines last 2015. But Millenials and gen-z don’t feel fancy yet about their variants. Chinese skincare might not be as famous as other international brands here in the Philippines. But products like these have many benefits to offer more than what we expect.

For starters, you might want to see what MeiYanQiong products might suit your needs. Here are products I can recommend for your references: 

MeiYanQiong Butter Slimming Cellulite Massage Cream


If you’re having a hard time getting rid of your excess fats, this cellulite massage cream contains a variety of body emollient herbal extracts. Suitable for all skin types. 

It has a shea butter formula, that works together to accelerate the burning of fat, improve the body’s circulatory system, emit carbon dioxide and water, and let the lymphatic circulation discharge waste regularly, thus solving the root cause of obesity. These benefits are good for weight loss. 

MeiYanQiong Milk Moist Body Lotion 


Treat your skin with lots of milky nourishment and moisture with this milk moisture body lotion. It contains moisturizing of nourishing milk in fresh plant extract, you will enjoy the skin silky texture of this lotion. It is light nongreasy, easily absorbed skin, moisturizing and hydrating, it creates a continuous tender muscle repair, making your skin smooth, soft, and full.

MeiYanQiong Vitamin C Permeated Brightening Serum


For that bright and glass skin look, this serum is loaded with Vitamin C skin brightening essence. This gives nutrients and whitening agents your skin needs without harsh ingredients. 

And with the mild and moist texture, it can provide rich moisture and nutrition to moisten skin while nourishing, which will help improve dullness and brighten skin, regaining skin tender, plump and bright state. 

MeiYanQiong Shrink Pores Moisture Cream


For that baby, poreless skin, this moisture cream is jampacked with moisturizing ingredients that can help skin lock nutrients and minimize pores. 

There is moist texture and delicate ingredients that come with this cream, which has multiple hydrating essences to replenish moisture and nutrition deeply for the skin. And it will easily solve the dry skin problem that also can brighten skin and improve the greasy skin. Finally, leave your skin moist and soft to show out your youthful shine.

MeiYanQiong Herbal Eyelash Growth Liquid Serum


Make your eyes pop and eyelashes on fleek with this Herbal Eyelash Serum, for is good to help our natural eyelashes grow and be nourish with the natural ingredients. 

This serum can enhance the eyelashes, while enriched with nourishing ingredients. It gives your eyelash nutrition and elasticity, leaving eyelashes to become curl and pliable. This is good, especially while wearing your face mask. Make your eyelashes a beauty asset. 

MeiYanQiong Matte Velvety Lipstick


Make your lips beautiful and nourished with this matte velvety lipstick. Like a lipstick-like color and rich, velvety smooth, this product is light in texture, silky and moving, and gently to the touch. This aims to achieve a full non-sticky feel to the lips, good for everyday use. 

Add to cart these items, as they will be at a big discount during Shopee 5.5 Brand Festival on May 5. They will give away up to 80% discount on their best selling items, and this is worth for your budget.

Visit MeiYanQiong Shopee page to see more of their products and perks. And don’t forget to download the Shopee app on Google Play or Apple store to enjoy the exclusive deals and perks. 

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