Midas Hotel Offers New Sweet Treat for 2021

Midas Hotel

Midas Hotel and Casino is here to set your taste buds into a sweet symphony of light and fruity flavors. With its Sweet Temptations cake and Sip and Booze mocktail and cocktail specials, this will make your upcoming love month special in the new normal.

Midas Hotel

Greet the year with a light and delightful creation inspired by the crunchy-good pastry that won the hearts of Filipinos – the Alcapone Cake. As you take a bite, relish a symphony of flavors from its chiffon base that’s filled with white chocolate almond crunch. This wonderful combination ends with a dreamy taste of its Chantilly cream and white Belgian chocolate frosting. A dainty bite of this light pastry, from a slice for only Php150 net, simply isn’t enough. Surely, you’ll ask for more, so take a whole cake home for only Php1,200 net.

Midas Hotel

For those who are up for something tart and fruity to drink, Midas Hotel Wild Shi-Berries is a perfect choice. This zesty blend is great for unwinding time at home. Take in the perky flavors of Twinings Wild Berry Tea, orange juice, and mango syrup. It’s a berry-good choice to drink on a slow day to remind yourself to take it easy. This mix’s cocktail goes for only Php270 nett, while the mocktail is at Php230 nett. It’s a perfect drink for dine-in visits as well whether you’re at Midas Hotel Café or Yanagi Japanese Restaurant.

Midas Sweet Temptations introduce patrons and guests to a different cake flavor every once in a while. Midas Sip and Booze present different featured mocktails and cocktails now and then. Make sure you stay tuned to Midas’ Facebook Page for new specialties for 2021. For more information, be sure to visit www.midashotelandcasino.com.

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