Modess and Carefree Lead the Way in Breaking Down the Stigma Surrounding Menstrual and Vaginal Health


Modess is dedicated to empowering women by promoting menstrual health education. Using digital platforms and partnering with key opinion leaders, they challenge the stigma surrounding periods and combat the shame women often feel.

In the diverse landscape of the Philippines, where cherished traditions meet progress, women still face an important issue regarding their menstrual and vaginal health. Women have long faced stigmas and taboos surrounding these matters, often preventing them from seeking the care and support they need.

However, amidst this backdrop of change, renowned feminine care brands Modess and Carefree are fearlessly championing female empowerment, and dismantling barriers surrounding this vital aspect of women’s lives.

Recognizing the significance of early education on menstrual and vaginal health, Modess and Carefree go beyond just offering high-quality and easily accessible products in the market. They are also on a journey to shape the perspective of the next generation of women through their initiatives.

“This Menstrual Health Month, we are dedicated to raising awareness about menstrual and vaginal health. We also advocate for improved access to feminine hygiene products and education, which can help support women in their daily lives,” says Nica Rollan, senior marketing manager, feminine care franchise, Kenvue Philippines.

Modess supports women through menstrual health education


Moreover, they offer an extensive range of products designed to provide women with protection during their menstrual cycles. “Physical activities can alleviate menstrual pain, reduce symptoms, and provide relief from stress and anxiety,” added Tangco. With their exceptional product line, Modess empowers women to live their lives to the fullest without being held back by their periods.

Carefree’s dedication to women’s self-care and vaginal health


“There is a common misconception among people that menstruation involves the discharge of dirty blood. That’s why I take the time to explain the menstrual cycle and the anatomy of the uterus to patients to help them understand that menstruation is not actually dirty blood, but rather the shedding of the uterine lining due to hormonal changes in the absence of conception,” shared Dr. Kristine Tangco, obstetrician-gynecologist. Through open and honest discussions, Modess creates a supportive environment where women can embrace their bodies and feel confident throughout their menstrual journey.


Meanwhile, Carefree takes advantage of its social media presence and engages with experts to educate women on maintaining vaginal hygiene in their daily routines. The brand courageously addresses taboo topics such as odor, discharge, and everyday wetness, imparting valuable information to empower women and encourage open discussions on these important matters.

Through initiatives like the #CarefreePantyLove campaign, Carefree actively works to break the stigma and normalize conversations around vaginal health, aiming to create a supportive environment where women feel confident and comfortable in their bodies.

Modess and Carefree understand the value of collaborating with influential women who genuinely connect with Filipinas. These partnerships have proven to be transformative, inspiring and empowering women while shedding light on important initiatives. For example, Modess teamed up with BINI for the uplifting #WalangDudaWithModessLong campaign, encouraging teenage girls to embrace their full potential even during their menstrual cycle. Meanwhile, Carefree partnered with Rei Germar to bring attention to the importance of intimate care as an essential aspect of self-care, fostering conversations around taboo topics related to vaginal health. Together, Modess, Carefree, and their partners strive to empower women, break barriers, and create a more informed and confident community.

Realize the extraordinary power of everyday care today. Visit www.modess.com.ph/ and www.carefree.com.ph/ for more information.

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