National University to Expand to 20 Campuses in 10 years

National University

The National University (NU) is embarking on an ambitious expansion strategy, aiming to establish 20 campuses across the Philippines by 2028. This initiative underscores NU’s commitment to providing quality, accessible, and affordable education to young Filipinos nationwide.

Since the NU-SM partnership in 2008, NU has revitalized its mission to democratize education – expanding access to quality and affordable education, starting with campuses in Metro Manila and reaching key provinces like Laguna, Batangas, and now Bacolod. National University strategically places campuses near residential and commercial centers. This proximity ensures convenience for students and fosters a community-focused educational environment.

NU’s expansion is rooted in the philosophy of Dynamic Filipinism, emphasizing updated and innovative educational practices that prepare students for success in diverse fields. Dr. Renato Carlos H. Ermita, Jr., National University President and CEO, highlights the relevance of NU’s programs in disciplines such as engineering, accounting, information technology, tourism, nursing, and other health sciences, tailored to meet regional demands and industry needs.

According to Dr. Ermita, the programs that NU offers are those that are not only within the NU scope of expertise and experience, but also the ones that are relevant in their respective industries. 

By opening campuses in key cities like Bacolod, Las Pinas, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, and Naga, National University contributes significantly to local economies and community development. This expansion does not only enhance educational opportunities but also attracts skilled faculty members who are passionate about nurturing talent in their home provinces.

According to Dr. Ermita, National University is opening campuses in areas where the institution can add value and positively contribute to its community further sharing, “in Bacolod, we hope to provide quality, updated, innovative education to the young Bacolodnons – both in content and in instructional method that reflect the NU standard of quality education. This is an education that is sustainable. It continuously improves, and is never stagnant.”

National University remains steadfast in its commitment to providing affordable education without compromising quality. Through continuous investments in infrastructure, laboratories, faculty development, and sports facilities, NU ensures a conducive learning environment that promotes academic excellence and student success.

To date, there are 11 National University campuses — the main campus and the Nazareth School in Sampaloc, Manila, NU MOA in Pasay, NU Fairview in Quezon City, NU East Ortigas in Pasig, NU Laguna in Calamba, NU Lipa in Batangas, NU Dasmarinas in Cavite, NU Baliwag in Bulacan, and NU Clark in Pampanga and NU Bacolod.

National University

NU Bacolod will open in August this year while NU Las Pinas and Cebu campuses will open next year. Campuses in Pangasinan, Isabela, Davao, Iloilo, and Naga are set to open in the next three years.

“As we expand, we have a lot of faculty members who are, in a sense, returning residents to their hometown. We understand that there is the growing cost of education. Meaning, it’s one thing to pay the tuition fee, and another thing to cover the expenses of going to school including having to spend for a dorm, for food, throughout the whole four years;” said Dr. Ermita. He added that NU hopes to bring education closer to the students’ homes.

In 2008, SM acquired majority ownership of National University back when it was struggling to get enrollees since the 1998 fire that razed the main building of the university. The year before the partnership with SM, NU’s student population was only at 1,800. 

Today National University has 55,000 students with the university aiming to boost the student population to 100,000 by 2027. The opening of NU Bacolod and NU East Ortigas in August is expected to contribute to the growing student population.

“The objective of NU is to produce productive individuals, professionals and entepreneurs. We hope that they are able to fulfill their career and life objectives. Our motto is “Education that works.” and education that works also means it’s sustainable and relevant. But our mantra, as always directed by our chairman, Hans Sy, and the family, is quality, affordability and accessibility. That’s why we keep our tuition fee very affordable and promote accessibility through the expansion,” Dr. Ermita further said

Graduates from the 124-year old university have been excelling in various fields in engineering and architecture. 

NU’s recent collaboration with the Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC) on the 10,000 Digital Civil Servants Project exemplifies its proactive role in national development. By training government personnel in digital skills, NU supports the country’s digital transformation agenda, preparing graduates for careers in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

As NU expands its presence across the Philippines, aligned with the SM group’s dedication to responsible growth, it reaffirms its mission to provide an “Education that works.” – education that is relevant, impactful, and empowers graduates to thrive in a globally-competitive environment. This expansion does not only strengthen NU’s position as a leader in higher education but also reinforces its commitment to fostering socio-economic progress and community empowerment nationwide.

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