Oxford International Education Group is Offering 40-Week Special Care-Giving Course & Work Opportunity at Canada

Oxford International Education Group

Oxford International Education Group is here to give Filipinos a chance to study and have guarantee work in Canada. As they announce its unique education programs and a special care-giving course for qualified Filipinos, their goal is to mold high-skilled students into professional medical employees; ready to build a better life and career for themselves and their family.

Oxford International Education Group (OIEG) has just landed in Manila to introduce its extensive portfolio of university pathway programmes and online courses focused on providing life-enhancing skills and experiences. Since 1991, the international education provider has been helping more than 80,000 students worldwide to achieve academic success every year. 

Oxford International Education Group

Andy Caldwell, Chief Commercial Officer, Oxford International Education Group said, “We are coming to the Philippines to offer education opportunities to the Filipinos who we understand have a life-long passion for learning and training. We at Oxford International are just as dedicated, enthusiastic, and like-minded in delivering learning without limits. We also welcome this opportunity to tell everyone that our programs not only deliver education from a unique accredited international service provider but also provide prospects of employability in Canada.” 

Oxford International Education Group (OIEG)  is committed to support its students in attaining academic excellence from day one. It will help students in their transition to study and work abroad as they embark on a learning path towards a better future. It also has industry partners in high-quality institutions for possible work placements for its graduates. 

Oxford International Education Group is also announcing it has acquired East Coast International College, Canada to offer a care giving vocational course called “Continuing Care Assistant” (CCA) to qualified Filipinos. The CCA program is open to people who are seeking a rewarding career in the health care sector in Nova Scotia, where employment opportunities continue to grow.

Oxford International Education Group

Andy Caldwell OIEG, said, “Our acquisition of East Coast International adds a new cap to our sterling performance in the education sector globally. We OIEG have a long experience in providing education opportunities to people all over the world while East Coast International’s Continuing Care Assistant program delivers  person-focused care to individuals. Our matching competencies should enable our combined strengths to deliver learning without border and without limits.” 

Graduates of the 40-week CCA caregiving course will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to deliver appropriate and respectful care. Its blended learning approach combines technical, employability and other essential care-giving skills. Placements for successful program graduates may occur in a variety of settings such as home care, nursing homes and home for the aged.

Oxford International Education Group

Caldwell  explained, “We create life enhancing learning experiences that help students worldwide to develop personally and professionally and that enrich their future opportunities,”.  He also stressed that the compassionate culture or malasakit that is endemic in the Filipinos. “The Filipinos home grown values like deep respect for the elderly and close family ties are intrinsic traits needed for a career as a caregiver,” he added. 

While thousands of Filipino caregivers provide for a better life for their families, they deliver daily committed care and attention to elderly persons from all walks of life and help bring pride to the country as hardworking professionals.

Oxford International Education Group is a unique accredited education provider dedicated to creating life-enhancing experiences for students worldwide. To learn more about the Continuing Care Assistant Program of East Coast International College, kindly visit https://oicareercolleges.com/programs/continuing-care-assistant/.

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