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Salmon HQ

Japanese Food has been my happy pill ever since I can remember. Going to buffets and just devouring my favorite sushi and sashimi is such a treat I want to do again once the pandemic is over. Recently, I’d been craving sushi for my birthday celebration. But having that delivery type of sushi does not compare to the experience I miss every time I eat inside a Japanese Restaurants

Salmon HQ

That’s why Salmon HQ change the game for me, as they freshly deliver my favorite sushi, sushi bakes, and sashimi in the comfort of my home. And they don’t just serve the usual sushi, but they serve the excellent quality type of seafood realness that makes their sushi bakes and sashimi taste so good. 

Salmon HQ

In case you want to order for your special day, here are my recommendations you too can order and why these are my favorite: 

Salmon HQ Premium Salmon Cake (price starts at PHP 950)

Salmon HQ

I cannot stress enough why it is one of their best-selling dishes. Well, looks at that gorgeous salmon rose design that’s well-deserved to be the centerpiece of every celebration. The two layers of fresh salmon sashimi and the generous amount of sushi rice inside make this salmon cake exquisite and umami in flavor. 

What I like about their salmon cake is how Salmon HQ maintains the freshness and quality of their salmon: from store to table. This is tricky, by the way, because seafood like salmon is sensitive and easy to get rotten if you’re not careful. The salmon has an umami taste that’s refreshing and melts in your mouth. Not to mention the fish doesn’t have that “stinky fish” we usually smell. No wonder it is appetizing to eat with your family. 

Salmon HQ

More than their Premium Salmon Cake, they also have other versions of this dish that come in different sizes and presentations with varying prices. They also offer:

  • Salmon Cake + Ikura & Scallops (PHP 1950)
  • Premium Salmon Ikura Cake (PHP 1800)
  • Akami Tuna Cake (PHP 1100)
  • Naked Salmon Cake (PHP 950)

If you want to keep it simple, they also have seafood platters that you can share with your family and friends during special gatherings:

  • Premium Salmon Platter (PHP 1600)
  • Salmon and Tuna Platter (PHP 1500)
  • Salmon and Uni Platter (PHP 1700)
  • Complete Combo Platter (PHP 1700)

Premium Sushi Bakes 

Salmon HQ

I might sound exaggerated, but their sushi bake variants elevate the way I see this dish, made famous by the pandemic. Every platter is full of flavor, and Salmon HQ is not stingy with its ingredients. You can choose from these different flavors, and you will not get umay once you taste it:

Salmon HQ
Salmon HQ
  • Crunchy California Maki (PHP 500 – 1200) – for starters, you can have this sushi bake that’s originated from the usual California maki sushi we buy in the market. But they made it special with the generous amount of mangoes, crabsticks, and veggies/Japanese mayo that is full of flavor.
  • Unagi Madness (PHP 900-2000) – For adventurous people out there, this sushi bake is something you can devour. With their grilled unagi, Japanese rice and mayo, and other toppings, it is best to serve with a cold bottle of beer or sake.
  • Aburi Scallops Salmon (PHP 800-1800) – For that salmon twist for your sushi bake, this dish has aburi scallops that are soft and complement well with the other ingredients. It also has Japanese rice, mangoes, Japanese mayo, and more.
  •  Soft Shell Crab Sushi Bake (PHP 800-1800) – This sushi bake is something unusual to my taste. With the melt in your mouth texture of the Japanese rice mixture and the crunchy kick of the soft shell crab, this is indeed a feast in your mouth goodness.  

Seafood Wafu Pasta (PHP 500-1200)

Salmon HQ

This pasta is indeed one of my favorite pasta I ever encountered. The generous amount of seafood (scallops, shrimp, and salmon), sauteed with butter, olive oil, and spices, can make every celebration worth a seafood pasta. You can send this as a gift and a treat for your kids and any family members. 

Salmon HQ

Overall, these dished I tasted can indeed make every celebration fancy and delectable. I really enjoy sharing the sushi bake and salmon cake to my love ones; perfect for my post birthday celebration.

Salmon HQ

So if you’re thinking of having a seafood party in the comfort of your home, a seafood feast that’s high in quality, eye-pleasing in presentation, and umami in taste, Salmon HQ should be on your must-try food trip list. 

You can now send your orders to Salmon HQ via FacebookInstagram, or by calling this mobile number +63 922 8943679. They also accept early reservations for bulk orders and send payments via:  

  • Metrobank, 
  • BPI, 
  • PayMaya and 
  • GCash 

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