Samsung AX32 Air Purifier in Making Air More Pure in Every Household

Samsung AX32 Air Purifier

Samsung AX32 Air Purifier is here to keep indoor air pure by removing ultrafine dust and reducing harmful bacteria and viruses with little to no effort. Young homeowners today invest in compact and stylish air purifiers such as this to have a functional home appliance that will fit their space and also increase productivity.

After all, working from home and sprucing up a condo space feels way better when it’s guaranteed that there’s fresh, clean, and odor-free air around.

The Samsung AX32 Air Purifier has a multi-layered high-efficiency purification system for bigger spaces and can cover up to 41sqm area. It has a washable pre-filter that extracts larger house dust particles, an activated carbon deodorizer that removes harmful gases, and a dust collecting filter that captures up to 99.97% of ultrafine dust. 

Samsung AX32 Air Purifier

And these filters are easy to maintain. The washable pre-filter only needs periodic cleaning, and the deodorizer and dust-collecting filter are built-in so it’s easy to replace. Additionally, the unit is equipped with a filter alarm, with an alert icon that blinks when it’s time for a clean or change. 

Doing air purity checks can also be instantly done with this home appliance. It has a 4-color indicator with a sensor which intuitively monitors and shows the level of air pollution at home, from low to high. It also has an Air Sensing Light, which immediately tells how clean the air is. 

The new Samsung air purifier will also fit right at home with its compact and sleek design. It is available in the color sand beige, perfect for minimalist city dwellers and homeowners. Its cube-style shape also takes up less space and features smooth rounded corners, making it a practical choice for homes that sport modern interiors. 

Lastly, this air purifier makes it possible to conveniently take care of one’s home anytime and anywhere because it is SmartThings-compatible. Just by connecting it to the SmartThings app, homeowners can remotely turn it on and off, check the air quality, and control other functions even before they get home. They can also set an operational timer in the app to save the air purifier’s energy consumption. 

The new Samsung AX32 Air Purifier is now exclusively available online for only PHP 10,995. Visit samsung.com/ph/air-care/air-purifier/ to know more. 

For more information, visit samsung.com/ph

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