Samsung TV Will Take your K-drama Viewing Experience to the Incredible Next Level

Samsung TV

Samsung TV is here to give you the perks of having your K-drama of your dreams. As they partner with Viu, you never miss any detail and swoon over your favorite oppas on a bigger screen.

Starting December 1, 2020, every purchase of select Samsung Smart TVs comes with a free 1-year premium subscription to Viu, the country’s top provider of K-drama shows. This is every K-drama fan’s chance to get a bigger and budget-friendly Smart TV, with the bonus of falling further down the K-drama rabbit hole on Viu without distracting ads.

Samsung TV

Samsung TV: Why Binge-watching is better with Samsung TV

Binge-watching K-drama is much better on a Samsung TV for many reasons. For one, there will be no need to rewind or pause every scene because you missed the subtitles when you have a bigger screen. No more squinting your eyes either.

And with a bigger screen, you can bask in the glory of your beloved oppa and unni’s poreless skin and appreciate all the details in each scene of your favorite K-drama. Samsung’s Smart TVs offer stunningly clear picture quality paired with a full and solid sound quality – a viewing experience that can transport you to the scene itself.

Samsung TV

Just imagine the intensity of emotions when you watch the latest K-drama titles on Viu this December, such as the highly-anticipated Tale of the Nine Tailed. You can also enjoy shows that are exclusively available on Viu, such as the much-awaited True Beauty featuring Cha Eun-woo. A Samsung Smart TV may just be the perfect Christmas gift you can give yourself for your K-drama cravings.

Samsung TV

Enjoy the latest string of K-dramas on Viu with a premium and feature-rich TV without breaking the bank this December. For more information about Samsung’s latest promo, visit www.samsung.com/ph today.

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