SC Johnson Best Cleaning Products, up to 25% off Deals on Shopee

SJ Johnson

SC Johnson continues to strengthen its commitment to give Filipinos a cleaner and safer household with its high-quality products. From protecting our homes against house pest to freshening the air we breathe, its cleaning supplies has proven to be effective and convenient for everyone to have. 

This October, the company who gave us Baygon, Glade, FamilyGuard, Mr. Muscle, Pledge, OFF, Kiwi, Ziploc is NOW available on Shopee. SC Johnson offers 25% off on bundles during their launch. 

If yo want SC Johnson keep you going with your cleaning goals, here are the products you can add-to-cart and use in your homes:

Glade Automatic Primary – Ocean Escape

SC Johnson

Have the ocean feels while in the quarantine of your home with this automatic spray from the Glade. It is one of the greatest innovations from Glade! Modern and stylish, fully automated, and battery operation sprayFully automated air freshener you can place anywhere inside your home! 

Choose different spray interval settings which allow adding more fragrance when needed with an EXTRA BOOST button modern and stylish, comes in sand and white color

FamilyGuard Disinfectant Room & Multi-Surface Spray Aerosol Fragrance-Free 280ml

SC Johnson

Because the threat of COVID-19 is still arising, we have to make sure we stay protected with the new FamilyGuard Disinfectant Room & Multi-Surface Spray Aerosol.

It kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria that cause flu, H1N1, and Influenza A. Disinfects air, hard and soft surfaces. FamilyGuard also has an antimicrobial action that eliminates odors from the source. Safe to use around pets and children.

Baygon Multi Insect Killer Kerosene-Based – 500 ml

SC Johnson

To protect our family against dengue-carrier mosquitos, flies, and cockroaches, Baygon has been the family household brand for those. Over the years, it has been delivering a fast knockdown formula proven against multiple insect types. If you don’t have a baygon in your home, you better get one for your home. 

Mr. Muscle All Purpose Cleaner 2L – Wild Lavender

SC Johnson

For a more clean and refreshing atmosphere in your bathroom, kitchen, and the rest of your house, Mr. Muscle is the best option for your cleaning needs. 

It Kills 99% of common household germs when used pure. Mr. Muscle is ideal for floors, tiles, kitchen counters, sinks, and other washable surfaces. It comes in great fragrances: Wild Lavender, Fresh Lemon, Floral Perfection, I Love You, Ocean Escape, and Morning Freshness. 

Pledge Furniture Lemon – 330 ml

SC Johnson

Pledge has been a good companion for people who loves their furniture and household items so much. For there is nothing more impressive than a home that gleams. 

Pledge® Furniture Polish improves the appearance of most hard surfaces by removing dust and fingerprints and providing a protective, glossy coating without leaving a waxy build-up. It picks up dust and dirt, removes smudges and fingerprints polish surfaces, and leaves a film that protects against ordinary wear, water spills, and stains.

Use on furniture, cabinets, countertops, appliances, doors, and auto interiors. 

Let’s keep our household clean, safe, and protected to live in with these SC Johnsons products and, keep this family company as your long-time home companion. Visit the SC Johnson official page to get your authentic cleaning items and don’t forget to download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play to be in the loop on the best perks and discounted items. 

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