Seoul White’s Best Holiday Set for your Gift Giving; Available at Shopee

Seoul White

This Holiday season, you can now say hello to clear, blemish-free skin with Seoul White’s Anti-Acne sets. Their products live up to the high beauty K-beauty standards but are tailor-made for Filipino skin. That’s why it is good to send this as a Christmas gift for your loved ones. And the best part: you can get the best deals and set on Shopee Beauty!

For your Christmas beauty gifts, here are the sets of Seoul White you can add to your cart and spread love to your loved ones: 

Seoul White Korea AT HOME ANTI-ACNE FACIAL SET FREE 6 x Gifts worth P372

Seoul White

You can now take care of your skin in the comfort of your home. This Anti-Acne kit from Seoul White can make your skin clear and blemish-free. This face-saving set can also deep clean the skin, remove dirt & oil; leaving your skin healthy and glowing. What an awesome way to have Self Care At-Home!


Seoul White

Say annyeong to clear, blemish-free skin with Seoul White Korea’s breakthrough range designed to treat acne fast while keeping you protected from future breakouts. 

This complete skincare lineup features a powerhouse blend of cica extract, tea tree oil, and salicylic acid, gently soothe, nourish, and refresh oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin—for bright and clear beauty like no other. The formulas are clinically-proven, technology-driven, and designed to nurture (not strip) your skin to help you achieve your healthiest skin.

Seoul White Korea WHIP IT! Whip Soap 120g FREE 5 x INSTANT WHITE Tone Up Cream Sachet 3g

Seoul White

It is time to WHIP your skin and treat it right. With an ultra-soft net that whips a soft and airy form, this whipped soap can deeply cleanse the skin and brightens and evens out the skin tone for glowing, K-Bright skin. With FREE Tone Up Cream, it will surely level up your skin brightness! 

Seoul White Korea INSTANT WHITE Tone Up Cream Sachet 3g 10 + 15 FREE

Seoul White

Considered the best Korean moisturizer in the local market, Seoul White Korea’s Instant White Tone-Up Whitening Milky Cream packs all three potent ingredients (bearberry arbutin, white strawberry, and donkey milk), that instant whitening/lightening cream; as well as brightens and moisturizes the skin. 

This Christmas season, you can enjoy the most exclusive deals up to 90% off, new launches, and exciting offers fit from various brands for every makeup & skincare haul–only from Shopee Beauty! Visit the Seoul White official page for more products you can buy as a gift. Download Shopee App via Google Play, Apple Store, or Huawei Gallery App for more best gift recommendations this Christmas.

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