Solitaire Games That Make Me Become More Fun and Active


Solitaire games used to be my destressed moments on my desktop computer way back in my 90’s. This classic game, even today, has been giving entertainment and amusement to many users. And as our use of technology and the internet of things changes, playing solitaire also evolves with its newer graphics and accessibility. 

What is Solitaire anyway? For education purposes, this game is considered as a tabletop game which one can play by oneself, usually with cards, but also with dominoes. The term “solitaire” is also used for single-player games of concentration and skill using a set of layout tiles, pegs, or stones.

So playing Solitaire is both good for the mind; for it helps people enhance their critical thinking and can be soothing during along time. This also improves mental skills, teaches important life lessons, and promotes a positive sense of competitiveness among players. 

So for the love of playing Solitaire, I would like to share my best-recommended solitaire games you can enjoy during your leisure time online. These games are suitable for all ages and convenient to use via browser, tablet, etc.:

Solitaire Video Games

Solitaire Games That Make Me Become More Fun and Active

Nothing beats a classic solitaire that can entertain and make me chill after a hard-day’s work. Playing Solitaire helps me ease my mind with the stress caused by overthinking and it’s kind of fun by showing my a bit of obsession with sequence. For starters, you can start with these Solitaire games:

  • Klondike – also known as classic solitaire or simply as solitaire
  • Freecell – the game has 4 free cells you can temporarily store cards 
  • Spider – a game where you create a royal flush on the tableau to remove the cards from the playing field. play 1, 2, or 4 suits

Logic Puzzle Video Games


For games that will challenge your intellectuality and mental skills, these video games are well-recommended for kids and kids at heart. Rather than just giving them mobile phones and just scrolling on social media apps, these logical video games aim to challenge our brains to the next level and enhance our critical thinking. The following games are my go-to and recommendation for students as their past-time activity after online classes: 

  • Daily Crossword – a new puzzle game you can enjoy every day. 
  • Merge the Gems – stone merging game where you merge 2 gems with the same value to create a stone of a higher value.
  • Daily Maze – connect the starting dot to the puzzle exit dot. Choose between three different grid sizes and difficulty levels.

Hidden Object Puzzle Games


If you’re looking for more mystery and you’re more like an investigative type of person, these puzzle games are for you to devour. With the variety of puzzle and hidden objects games, you will never get bored, playing scavenger hunts. I truly enjoy playing the Garden Secrets Hidden Objects, for I feel so challenged and thrilled by playing this game. It helps me sharpen my eyesight by finding the most unusual items. That is challenging and fun at the same time.  

  • Circus Adventure – find 10 objects, 30 numbers and 4 spots the differences in each of the game’s 10 levels. An easier game is similar to China Temple.
  • Pirates and Treasures – 8 -level hidden object game with hidden numbers and item outline features.

For more games, that are good for your brain and enjoyment, you can try more of these varieties of online games and see what suits your taste. Just visit solitaire.org and get your hands and mind more active than ever with the 100+ games in store for you to enjoy. 

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