Splash Personal Care’s Awesome Kolours Signature Series at Shopee

Splash Personal Care

Splash Personal Care has been making Filipinos of all gender beautiful and well, with their variety of skin and hair care that’s convenient to use and good for the budget. One of their best-selling products is their Kolours Hair Color variants, which helps everyone have a quick hair color fix for busy people who’s always on the move. 

Shopee starts the holiday countdown with special bundle deals and irresistible discounts from top brands including Splash Personal Care! These ber months, you don’t need to get that salon appointment to make your hair fabulous for special occasions. As Shopee gives 15% off and discounts deals to their Personal Care must-have bundle. 

Kolours Signature Series Dusky Blonde 125 mL Set of 2

Splash Personal Care

Wanna have that standout hair color you’ve always wanted? With Kolours® Signature Series, this is now made possible and more convenient. Co-created with our favorite “It Girl” Solenn Heussaff, this has the gorgeous Dusky Blonde color that is easy to apply; without the harsh chemicals and burning sensation to your scalf. Making your hair gorgeous and well treated.  

You can now look out for these Splash Personal Care must-have bundle deals at 15% off and discounts from your favorite brands and shops at 90% off at Christmas in our Carts running from October 12 to December 25. Wishing your carts a Merry Christmas and visit the Splash Personal Care official Shopee page for more discounts and perks. Don’t forget to download the Shopee App via Google Play and Apple Store and have a awesome happy Shopee Christmas. 

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