Subway’s Secret Recipe Making a Buzz at Sam YG and DJ Chacha’s Podcast


Subway recently lauched their “Secret Recipe” and people are making a trend out of it. In Sam YG and DJ Chacha’s podcast, “Lecheng Pag-ibig To!”, a podcast on love, relationships, and everything in between, the secret recipe in keeping the fire of relationships alive was a hot topic.  One of the ingredients in this recipe is trying out new experiences together, and one way of doing that is through exploring food.

As it turns out, Sam YG and DJ Chacha heard from a certified Marites in a Facebook group community called Sublovers PH that Subway has a secret recipe in store. This secret recipe sounds very familiar to them because this has been abuzz on Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram. Checking trends on social media, it is always being talked about too. This secret recipe is very intriguing because this was also being mentioned on tv, radio and in the newspapers all the time.  What could this really be about? Why do people keep talking about this?

Visiting their favorite Subway restaurant, “Try our Secret Recipe!” signs will greet guests as they walk in.  Ask the sandwich artists what the secret recipe is, they will only say it was still a secret.  All you can do is order the sandwich to satisfy your curiosity!


Subway’s secret recipe has the perfect kick of spice and tang. This secret recipe is highly recommended for people who love their sub spicy. Its distinct flavor will leave the taste buds wanting for more and more. 

Want to be in with us on this hot little secret? Head on now to your favorite Subway restaurant and try out their secret recipe. This secret recipe surely won’t disappoint!

For more exciting news, please follow Subway’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/subwayphilippines

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