Sun Life Asset Management Launches the Sun Life Prosperity World Equity Index Feeder Fund

Sun Life Asset Management

Investing in the global stock market using the local currency is now more accessible with Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc.’s (SLAMCI) latest offering, the Sun Life Prosperity World Equity Index Feeder Fund.

Investors may enjoy long-term growth as investments in the World Equity Index Feeder Fund are placed into a target fund that tracks the performance of the MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI), an index that represents more than 2,000 constituents across developed and emerging markets.

Sun Life Asset Management Company

“The Fund was designed specifically for experienced investors who can tolerate significant fluctuations in the value of investments and currency movements, and do not mind market volatility,” SLAMCI President Valerie Pama says. “They know that the potential challenges could lead to the capital appreciation for their investment portfolios and bring them closer to their long-term financial goals.”

Sun Life Asset Management Company

Aside from gaining access to global markets, the World Equity Index Feeder Fund also gives investors a chance to diversify their investment portfolios, since the MSCI ACWI represents equities across countries, including the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, and France, covering leading corporations that resonate with a great majority.

Investments in the World Equity Index Feeder Fund start at only Php 50,000, while additional investments are only at Php 10,000.

Sun Life Asset Management ensures Strong Investment amidst Pandemic

During the recent 2020 Sun Life Prosperity Funds Annual Stockholders’ Meeting, the company assures the public their continuous commitment towards strong and reliable investment partnership amidst of the global occurring pandemic caused by COVID-19.

In line of their 20th Anniversary, Sun Life Asset Management remains the one of the largest Mutual Funds company, with the exponential growth of their numbers through investment products.

To know more about the Sun Life Prosperity World Equity Index Feeder Fund, consult a licensed Sun Life Mutual Fund Advisor or call 8-849-9888. You can also visit Sun Life Financial website www.sunlife.com.ph for more inquiries and updates.

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