Teacher Beauty Finds: A clear, radiant and blemish-free skin for this year—and beyond with Proactiv 3-way Skin Treatment System,

The past year was quite challenging on your skin and face but you prevailed. With all factors that may affect its overall health—dirt, smoke, unhealthy or irregular diet, sleepless nights, anxiety, stress, and almost any other obstacle—you can’t help but think how you were able to overcome all of these.

But you did, and you did it in awesome style, thanks to a facial treatment system that helped you attain a clear, radiant, and blemish and acne-free skin this year and perhaps even beyond. And you did it without having to visit any skin treatment center and spend lavish amounts of money.


Armed with America’s favorite Proactiv 3-way skin treatment system, you accomplished the kind of velvety-smooth face at home that made it your greatest sense of achievement. As our body’s “window to the soul,” the face needs the correct, proper and consistent pampering and care that it deserves, and you won’t regret choosing Proactiv to do the work.

Proactiv, the world’s leading acne treatment brand, consists of a tried-and-tested 3-step skin treatment system. It has been proven to be the smartest, fastest and most effective anti-acne remedy in the market today and remains superior compared to other products available in the market today.

Just don’t forget to follow the simple yet effective Proactiv 3-way system because it will do wonders in your continuing fight against acne. Always remember to observe daily the three Proactiv steps: Renew, with the Proactiv Renewing Cleanser; Revitalize, with the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner, and finally Repair, with the Proactiv Repairing Treatment.

So if you want to pursue an acne-free face this year and the next, no worries. Just get the Proactiv Solution, competitively priced at at Php 2,495 for the 30-day kit and Php 3,995 for the 60-day kit. Just visit any Watsons and SM the Store nationwide.

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