Teacher Beauty Finds: Derm.ing Naturals (The Review)

I usually don’t use skin care products that much due to my dry sensitive skin. Especially summer season, water and some trusted beauty bar soap are my only beauty regimen. But how many are you agreed that soap and water aren’t enough for complete skin care. So Metro Blogger introduced to me this new Skin Care Product that I find it cool to use during this summer season.


Derm.ing Naturals was kind of “new” to my reference since this is the first time I ever heard about it. It intrigued me at first because I’m not allowed to put anything on my face that’s not familiar to me. But I gave it a try for a week and here’s the results:

THE CLEANSER  ” Derm.ing Naturals Daily Facial Foam Cleanser with Chamomile Extract”


I always knew Chamomile for its soothing and healing properties. Since my skin got easily irritated by heat and pollution, this cleanser is indeed a good help. The “gel-formed” content of this product easily soothes and gives a soft effect on my skin afterwards. The scent is not overpowering and it is not that harsh to use.

THE TONER ” Derm.ing Naturals Glycolic Toner”

The toner has “Glycolic Plant Extract” on it which is a primary use for skin exfoliation. The product, since it has natural properties than the chemical ones, it didn’t leave any bad burns or skin inflammation on my skin afterwards. For me, I don’t want to use the toner together with the cleanser because too much exfoliation might hurt my skin. But using it twice a week is fine. Depends on your skin type.



Derm.ing Naturals Kojic Cream

I usually Kojic Soaps to lighten my skin. When I tried this cream, I was amused on how light it is on my skin. The scent of the cream is not harsh and it leaves a soft elasticity in my skin every morning.


Derm.ing Naturals Moisturizing Facial Cream with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract


Derm.ing Naturals Sunblock with Cell Renewal


I noticed that it doesn’t have an “SPF” level, but I used this cream before I go outside. The light property of the product was not burning my skin even to the scorching heat of the sun. It leaves my skin protected and safe from skin irritation.


A week after using the Derm.ing Naturalsmy skin lightens up and it improved its elasticity. I feel refreshed and calm after use.  I find the product safe and suitable to use for sensitive skin like me 😀 .


To know more about the product, just visit their official website at http://www.shadylab.com/.

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