Teacher Beauty Finds: Start your #AntiAgingBeautyFix at Bioessence

When you reached 25, you know that your “single status” alarm is ringing louder than being a young professional. Many changes happened in some areas you do work, leisure, and even skincare regime. Wrinkles started to be visible, and skin texture is drying every day. So what’s your solution then? Don’t just search for google and watch YouTube for solutions (in which I don’t see any wrong). Go to your reliable skin care center and seek advice from your dermatologist. That’s what I did last July few days after my Birthday.


Bioessence Inc. has been a skincare companion for more than 2 years, from being young professional to “silver and young”. And I’m happy to finally try one of their professional skin care treatment called “Oxygen Ceuticals Caviar Protein Treatment.”



Having this treatment as one of their highlight services for a year, Bioessence has its “Sleepover-themed party” to one of their branches at Shoppesville, Greenhills.



If you want to experience this kind of treatment, better know these reminders first (based on experience):

1. Seek facial diagnostic test first from your dermatologist.

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Considered that I am 25 years old, I realized that skin whitening and basic facials are not my MOST skincare priority anymore. Some factors come from my age and my skin condition. And good thing that you talk to your derma about it first than diving in immediately to any treatment and be your own dermatologist. Since my age is at its peak to have more wrinkles and aging symptoms, the derma told me to have the Oxygen Ceuticals Caviar Protein Treatment that is suitable for anti-aging.

2. Secure your treatment schedule lightly throughout the day.

Skincare treatment should not a “drop-off” part of your schedule, but it should be a PART of your PRIORITY LIST. Oxygen Ceuticals Caviar Protein Treatment consists 17 treatments for 2 hours straight. And for me, it is not that complicated to plot that time to prioritized your skin care regime.

3. Know the treatment procedure by asking.


Your beauty knowledge in a treatment like this is a must, more than just feeling good about it. During the procedure, I’d been asking questions to their beauty staff and I’m happy to know that these people knew what they’re doing. It gave me the confidence to trust them in my skin. The stages I’d been through this treatment are preliminary massage, cleanse, tone, ozone w/ extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, lifting massage, OxyOasis infusion with two serums (antioxidant and hydrating) Oxygen hydrating mask, hand and back massage. What awesome about their treatment is most of their skincare products are Korean-based, suitable for sensitive skin and contains essential nutrients and antioxidants ingredients that naturally boost collagen and elastin production and repairs the skin. Leaving my skin silky hydrated while boosting its elasticity and firmness to reduce my lines and wrinkles.


After the treatment, the results are very visible and leaves more than refreshment in my face. My eyebags and cheeks became firmer and smooth, leaving no trace of any lines and wrinkles on my face. More than skin firming, since their products are natural and no harsh ingredients, no bad residue was seen on my skin. What a good way to start my 25 years of my existence.


You too can experience this awesome treatment by going to their website at www.bioessence.ph and look for a nearest Bioessence branch. Start your Anti-aging fix right with Bioessence.

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